RK3DE: Day 1

Day one of 2016 Rolex is in the books. K and I decided that we should get all of our shopping out of the way on day one so that we can really watch for the rest of the days and boy oh boy did we shop… I present to you in pictures the most shopping I will get to do this year/ for many years because I went all out… Right when I found out that I was going to be going to Rolex I started saving and planning out what I wanted to buy… I got that and quite a bit more… Sorry not sorry.

halters for thing 1 & thing 2 from Central KY Tack and Leather
Tail Tamer
hat for the best hubby ever
Mango Bay and other belt brand I can’t remember
Rolex hat for myself and a hat courtesy of Saddle Lockers
Pam @ Mango Bay outdid herself with this gem
softest shirt I have ever felt
holla for my clearance 1/4 zip find
there’s no such thing as too much Ogilvy
but really there isn’t when you have two saddles…
Welcome to the family precious

Since I got Houston back I have been casually searching for a dressage saddle for him. I honestly didn’t expect to find exactly what I needed in a used saddle at Rolex but then I did… I still need to get stirrups for precious but I am so excited to have a dressage saddle again.

Today I am getting a lesson on the baby ginger with K’s trainer and then we will be back to KHP to watch dressage. Any bloggers that will be there should reach out on FB or email me (equestrianathart at gmail).

Have any of you done shopping damage recently? Any rolex goers get some good shopping in?

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  1. I’ve been to Rolex twice and it was a blast. I hope to go back again someday. I love the trade fair. You got lots of pretty things, can’t wait to see it on the horses. I know several people at Rolex this weekend, it’s going to be hard to get on social media and not be bummed about not being there. Have a blast!

  2. Love the clothes, love the saddle. God, we’ll have to find somewhere to shop when you come so you can make me classy, too. 🙂 Can’t wait to see how the saddle looks on Huey!

  3. What is the saddle?

    I bought the same long sleeve shirt in seafoam and the short sleeve keyhole one. Online. But I have to do some damage somewhere.

  4. I’ve bought a bunch, but not a safe -yet- so you’ve definitely got me beat. Were the ogilveys on sale? I only saw regular price on them.

    1. Ogilvys are pretty much never on sale in my experience. I bought mine at Top Rail (it’s in the stretch right outside of the vendor fair) because that’s where Jack Ogilvy was at. A few others sold them but I doubt you’ll find them on sale unless they are used :/

  5. Is the belt brand Pampeano? Please let me know if you remember, it’s gorgeous and I need one for myself!!!

      1. It was one of those ‘hey I think I know her annnnnnd now I’m looking at her back” moments. I was with someone and I saw you were animatedly talking to someone so I didn’t want to interrupt 🙂

  6. I absolutely love the halters from Central KY leather! I bought my dog a collar and leash from them last year and it’s held up wonderfully. Looks like you had quite the haul! Love the SaddleLockers hat too 😉

  7. I was there Friday and Saturday and saw no one I knew! Picked up a nice black leather halter for Little Miss Fergie and several $5 dressage whips. You outshopped me 🙂