TGIF: Horse Show Prep

This week has been full of storms and rain which really puts a damper on horse show prep. Today I hoped to ride both creatures but right when I got up to the ring with Houston it started to sprinkle. My lackadaisical bareback ride went from calm to a race against the rain to get back to the barn. On the bright side even after more than 2 years I can infect still stay on bareback!

Since I couldn’t ride Annie I opted to pull her mane and start beautifying for the show this weekend. She has such a thin mane that the solocomb is my best friend. Lots of currying and a spray down of my personal concoction and she was ready to be tucked in. Hopefully Annie can be a civilized creature tomorrow – love it when the temps plummet for a horse show! Last but not least my Ogilvy MF show pad finally came in the mail! Just in time for Brownland! I can’t wait to use it. My initial impression is that it appears to be made well – it has the foam from my beloved half pad and the underside is the same as my favorite baby pads. I did expect the fleece trim to be nicer but this will be easy to wash which is a definite plus.   Happy Friday to all of you! Anyone else showing this weekend or have anything fun planned?

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  1. Good luck! Just a vet visit for the horse, pony and booster vaccines for my 3 dogs tomorrow. It’ll be an interesting day.

  2. Have a great show!
    My girls got their annual vaccines today so a quiet weekend with extra turnout is on the menu for the weekend for us