TV Personality: Houston

I didn’t have Houston back when the blog world went crazy over tv/movie personalities but now that he is back I figured that I could make quite the post about how exactly my horse is like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory. Annie is up next!

Houston when you try to disturb him to get tacked up:
tumblr_n91yf0QoBo1sq3qeko1_500If you have any kind of treat:
tumblr_n1bo0wsqjI1tprm0so1_250When I try to ask for a lead change:tumblr_n653x2yNiF1tzzyujo1_500When hard dressage work is asked:tumblr_n1nb1pTBOW1tpegqko1_500 The Houston version of a tantrum:
tumblr_n8uz4enOfu1rxgopvo1_250How he feels about himself 95% of the time:
tumblr_n0uy2cN2Vh1rr4fbbo1_250When ever I try to bring him in to ride:
tumblr_ng1fkyXzHL1ts981lo1_500After a jump:
tumblr_nbub6d73u91tllb7go1_500How Houston feels about all barn cats:
tumblr_nhrma1ZKYQ1s8n76bo1_500When I try to give him affection:
tumblr_my3zbzXmDR1r35y2lo1_500Fly season anyone?tumblr_o2ja3tuKYr1sh9z2ko1_400When he wants attention but no one will play with him:tumblr_n545bqumAU1tp9expo1_500I am not sure that Houston is quite as smart as Sheldon but he certainly has enough weird quirks 😉

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  1. Reason #40-bajillion that we’re going to have a great time: I freaking love the Big Bang. And Sheldon. Is Annie Penny? Or Bernadette? I can see her being smart and a little sassy.