Weekend Wrap Up: North

Whoops… I fell off the planet because last week was insane. On Thursday our car broke down and we had to deal with towing and such which combined with rain kept me from the barn. On Friday I was able to ride both creatures and Houston was ridden by a fellow boarder who might try to part lease him. I am very excited for that possibility as it would mean more $ freed up.
Saturday morning I headed out to the barn bright and early to ride Houston before heading out of town. As you can see above Annie was pretty covered for the trip. I packed her feet, wrapper her legs, covered her halter, and she even had a tail guard. The trip was nice and uneventful.
Yesterday I was able to take a lesson with my friend D who I have mentioned in the past. She has a lovely farm that I wish I could steal. The barn is gorgeous, there are large turnouts, and it has a huge arena.

Annie has taken to blowing through my aids in the downward transitions after a fence and I was really hoping to add some tricks to my tool box for that. D was helpful as always and helped me to see how my position was affecting the response I was getting. We also did a lot of basic flat work because Annie needs to much more flatwork to be successful over fences. 

I am planning to have another lesson tonight, Annie will get a training ride tomorrow and then we are Lexington bound on Wednesday morning! Rolex here I come. Must hide all of the forms of payment so that I can come away from the vendor village unscathed!

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