Weekend Wrap Up: Ups and Downs

This weekend didn’t go exactly as planned but was fun nonetheless. I took Friday off from work and BO and I hauled the ponies to Brownland around noon. Once we got unloaded and set up it was schooling time. Due to storms I couldn’t ride on Wed or Thurs but Annie was up but trying very hard.

Unfortunately the temps dropped like 30 degrees (might be exaggerating) and Annie was a different horse on Saturday. I lunged a little bit, warmed her up, and our warm up trip went pretty well. We trotted in and cantered out of the lines to spare the baby horse brain with the plan to canter our OF classes in the 2′ Special Hunters. Annie had other plans though and was BOOKING it down the lines. Me being a nervous ammie pulled and that made for an even more zoomy creature. I now know that if I can’t ride 2 days before a show it is probably best not to go until she is farther along because it was asking a lot of her. 

This is after all why we got to schooling shows but it was still a little disappointing – I definitely need to work on keeping a happy attitude in green horse training regardless of nerves. More on that later but all in all it was a great experience for her. No ribbons to be had but the fact that we survived the hack was award enough for me – it was like a war zone. Our homework will definitely be transitions. I need to practice getting her back after fences so that we have a chance and flatwork is a recipe for success over jumps.

I finally got to wear my Winston shirt (thanks Winston Equestrian and Luxe-Eq) and I am definitely going to need more. The fabric is so perfect and comfortable. I want to wear it a few more times but then you can expect a review.

finally breaking in my xmas present (dubarry clare) from the best horse husband ever

Best of all this weekend is that I had friends in town! Katherine and a couple of friends drove to Nash to help at the show and spend the weekend with me and we had a blast! Since I moved we don’t get to see each other as much so it was nice to have the whole weekend. We get to repeat in Lexington in a few weeks too! #RK3DE

K on Nanners

It was fun to have Katherine get on Annie yesterday. She hasn’t seen her since shortly after I brought her home and it was really cool to think about the progress that I have made with her since then. Hopefully I will get more media in a couple of weeks when K gets back in the saddle again.

Last but not least yesterday we set up the chute and free jumped a few of the horses… Houston was one of them and holy moly… After our first lesson back together I was hopeful but skeptical about continuing to jump Houston under saddle. He was quite nervous and not using himself well but the chute really helped him get some of his confidence back each run through. I once again am left feeling very grateful to have 2 amazing horses and all of the wonderful people in my life that support this crazy adventure!

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  1. Having green horses is always an adventure. For me it’s really easy to take for granted a good brain. My horse is so good 75% of the time that when he’s bad or has a green day, it’s really hard not to take it to heart. How are the rides going with Houston?

  2. Showing on green horses is mentally tough. I got pretty good at being happy to lose with Simon for the first few years, but now I’m over it LOL. Houston is looking good!

  3. Thank goodness for schooling shows to help us figure out all the little tips and tricks for helping our horses go their best! Also Houston looks great in that still!

  4. Ahhh, baby horses. I got P right after he turned 4 and now he’s about to be 6 and still has baby brain 70% of the time. My trainers keep telling me he’s worth the trouble though, and I’m sure Annie will be also! And HOLY COW, Houston….