RK3DE: Day 2 & XC

I was obviously excited about this weekend because it’s Rolex… but even more so because it meant I would get so spend 5 days with one of my best friends. As I mentioned in the Day 1 recap we were able to ride together on Wednesday and shop together on Thursday. Friday was the day of lessons and watching dressage.
The morning started off really foggy and it was actually kind of cool out. I really wanted to have my lesson in the new saddle but unfortunately the stirrup leathers that I bought were way too long and because of the style I decided to exchange them for shorter ones.

you seriously cannot have too much Ogilvy… Gummy is AWESOME btw

Stuart of CS Simko belts
I ended up having a really good lesson despite the mid lesson tack swap. I’ve never been so sore due to such a simple exercise. SB had me working on really feeling her hind end in our transitions to make sure that she didn’t just lunge into them but rather pushed into each transition. It was really hard to make sure I didn’t anticipate and encourage her to rush the transitions but we ended up getting some great work in. I was really proud of the baby ginger.
Baby ginger celebrated her awesomeness by having a really good roll – groans and all. She really liked all of the Kentucky spring grass she had this past week. After our great flat lessons K and I went to watch dressage. Admittedly I was really happy that we didn’t opt to watch both days of dressage – except that we didn’t get to watch MJ live. There were so many beautiful horses and riders but some of it just wasn’t as fun to watch. I guess I have a short attention span for watching the same test 50 times. What I can say is I don’t think I will ever be able to remember a test that long.
Much to our dismay it was really dreary on Saturday. Cross country day is one of the most fun experiences but you have to be fairly diehard to want to stand in the rain all day. Nothing good company and mimosas in the Land Rover pavilion won’t cure though! I have a family friend that always comes through for me and this year was no exception. I have actually never taken advantage of it the way I did this year and it was awesome.
Best of all… when we were leaving I saw the Eventing Unicorn!!! I honestly was surprised I didn’t see them sooner or more – that was my only sighting. Given the bad weather it was a pretty quick meet and greet but I got the required picture.The best Rolex dogges ever were wiped out from all of the walking and attention they got on Saturday. To sum it all up we rode, we watched fancy people ride, we got soaked in the rain, and I met the unicorn. All in all a raging success!

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  1. I have a serious question, why in most Ogilvy pictures do people have the pads pulled so far up in the gullet? I’m guessing there is a reason I am just not aware of.

    1. I pull mine up too, they have they big wither cut because they’re meant to sit way up in the gullet, both in the front AND in the back. It helps air flow and keeps the pad from binding or rubbing on the spine. Ogilvy will even tell you to pull the pad up into the gullet, front and back!

  2. I want to try to Ogilvy gummy so bad! I think that plus some rear risers might make Lexie a happy pony.

  3. Even with the rain I’m so jealous of all the bloggers that got to go to Rolex. Looks like such a fun time!