RK3DE: Day 3


Sunday had some highs and some lows. I was supposed to have my second lesson with SB but Annie had other plans. I should have been more careful but essentially I was tacking up when a series of unfortunate events happened. A cat went scurrying down the barn aisle… Annie was spooked and the crossties didn’t release… Nor did the twine they were hung with… or her halter. I was trying to calm her down when the right crosstie let go. Annie ended up sitting in the barn aisle (luckily she wasn’t hurt) but I went flying/was drug and  somehow cut my hand. It immediately swelled up and was painful to use so I had to forgo the lesson I had planned.Incase you guys were wondering chlorhexidine burns like a mofo and I do not recommend using it on yourself. Thankfully I was not wearing any of my jewelry or rings to the barn otherwise it could have been worse. After we got cleaned up it was back to Rolex to watch stadium! Stadium and XC are by far my favorite days of Rolex and it is really cool to see how the horses go after a grueling prior day out on XC. Much to our disappointment it did rain on and off and Katherine and I were once again soaked to the bone.

Tate seems like a beast

I must say that while I obviously wish US rider could have won I am totally in love with Michael Jung.This brings me to the most eventful part of the day… Because of SB’s connections Katherine and I were able to get into the Sponsor tent. AKA where all of the important people and eventing legends are. I had a total fan girl moment with Michael Jung and while I probably embarrassed myself I am not sorry. We also got to meet a bunch of other people but I have to say that Sinead Halpin and team were my favorites. A few of her team were in the tent and were so friendly. Katherine and I felt like odd men out and they made a point to chat with us so we didn’t feel so out of the loop. All in all 2016 Rolex was a blast and a half. I hope that I get to go again soon in the coming years but even if I don’t this trip was definitely a good one to end on for now.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the crosstie mishap. Those situations are scary and happen so fast. I had something similar happen with a really green horse a few years ago and I think I grabbed the crosstie in the mess. Not good. My hand swelled up and was basically unusable. I think in the end it ended up being hairline fractured. Hopefully your hand is less sore today. Thanks for all of the Rolex updates! 🙂

  2. Ouch, glad you guys are ok! I would’ve gone total fan girl had I been near Michael Jung as well, so I’m sure you were fine.