Weekend Wrap Up: Savannah Pt 1

This past weekend was amazing for sooooo many reasons. If any of you have been doubting how awesome Beka (The Owls Approve) is you need not. She is the bomb dot com. Seriously. We have been buddies through blogging for a few years now and I will admit to being slightly concerned that I may be catfished… But she was even better than I figured from our internet bestiehood.IMG_0548

The weekend included:

IMG_0553My first hours in Savannah flew by. Upon arrival we turned Annie out so that she could stretch her legs from he long drive. We made a lot of stops but I was worried to take her off the trailer while I was alone on the road. After margaritas and lunch Beka and Arch took Annie on our first trail ride in GA!IMG_0550You can read more about arrival day on Beka’s blog post (here). For my first full day we woke up bright and early to go for a ride with some of Beka’s friends at a local hunting club (no not like fox hunting).

IMG_0558 The ladies we went with are intense and said they usually trot and canter more than we did (which was all of like 30 steps)… IMG_0596Considering we rode like 7 miles and were already dying I have no idea what would have happened if I attempted the same feat at a higher pace. I wouldn’t have been comfortable asking that of Annie honestly and already felt a bit guilty.

Other than a sore butt and  a lost shoe for Archie we all survived unscathed.

IMG_6535Check back tomorrow to read all about XC schooling at Longfield Stables in Bluffton, SC. Especially me ending up going for a swim!

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Inn extremely jealous. I’ll admit that I’ve been waiting all week for the recap. 😉