Austin: Day 1/2


This week I am in TX for work… As soon as I found out that I would be in Austin I reached out to Amanda and suggested (read: invited myself) that I fly in a day early to hang out with her and meet Henry. (Bobby and Quinn too of course)

First stop after Amanda picked me up was to stuff treats in Hennys face for being so awesome at his first Training event. He didn’t disappoint and pretty much immediately let show true colors shine. After the barn Amanda took me downtown for some shopping in a cool area. I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without and after a couple hours of exploring it was time for noms. Karen from Patently Bay joined us at a fun spot called Snack Bar where we talked ponies and stuffed our faces.

The food was amaze balls and I seriously could never live in Austin without being morbidly obese. Gordoughs doughnuts was probably best / worst thing to ever happen to me and I’m not actually sure my body will ever recover. Exhibit A below:In addition to pony time and amazing food I also got to smoosh Amandas corgi Quinn. Seriously guys this dog is adorbs. He and I are new besties and he has even traitorously opted so sleep with me instead of Amanda 😈.Admittedly he probably thinks I have food like 95% of the time because I think that’s his only motivator. Best of all is that while I am here Amanda is sharing Henry! Today we did some hacking and boy is Henny fun! He is sensitive without being ridiculously reactive. At one point I was cantering around and he thought maybe he would like to buck. Now I have ridden a bay porpoise. Today I get to jump Henny and experience a cinnamon roll pancake which should be awesome! 

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  1. You are a true champion for finishing that doughnut. It took me two days to eat mine. Buuuut I could easily go for another one …

  2. Yay for meeting Amanda and Henny and all that, but I think we need more discussion of donuts and pancakes because omg those sound amazing.