Austin: Things To Know

Here are some fun things that I learned while in Texas. Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 4.37.06 PMFirst, it is hot as hell there, not exaggerating. When the Texas Blogger Contingent (aka Amanda, Karen, Lauren, Heather, Jen J) , say that it is toasty they are not kidding. If you are ever curious about what it feels like to breathe in fire and feel like your skin might melt TX is the place for you. Even more disturbing is that apparently it gets hotter than what I experienced. Props to you ladies – Ill be staying in the “north” ;).

Texas Grey ClaySecond off when picking Henny’s feet out I quizzically asked if she packed them with something… No that was just mud that dries like a bad version of magic cushion in the hoof. I thought okay that’s weird but then I actually had to ask Amanda “why do your pastures have asphalt in them” (I assumed the farm was repurposed land?) surprise – its not asphalt that is just the ground. I guess it isn’t an exaggeration when eventers in TX say that the ground is hard as rock. Is seriously looked like an old parking lot in spots.

09In the things I don’t understand but some I love about Austin category comes the fascination with a wall that has “I love you so much” spray painted on it (souvenirs of this include coasters and cutting boards), Vegan ice cream (in addition to the other amazing food), and the hippie/ hipster lack of bathing. At one point I even remarked that I bathed too often and didn’t have enough tattoos to reside in that part of town. Getting past all of that (aka learning to live with fire in my lungs) was so worth getting to ride everyones favorite $900 Facebook pony. Excuse my gross equitation and hair and lets focus on the fact that Henry is a beast who loves to take care of weenie amateurs like me. Seriously he was like oh you want me to jump that – no problem, lead changes – I got you! I just had to sit up and keep my leg on. I love him and want to steal him. It was awesome getting to jump 3’+ after not jumping much over 2’6 in the past few years. Add me to the list of people that want to be listed as a pony god parent if anything ever happens to you Amanda! 😛

this may have found its way home with me

On top of taking me to a bunch of awesome local restaurants, Charlottes Saddlery, Dover, and sharing Henry Amanda also begrudgingly shared Quinny. Admittedly I am pretty sure the dog doesn’t have a loyal bone in his body but I was pretty flattered that he was my sidekick for the week. In summary it was sweltering, the ground is weird, I ate a lot of amazing food, rode a rad horse, cuddled a cute corgi, and met some awesome people!

Do any of you have any fun blogger trips coming up?


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  1. Awesome! I’ve never been to Austin, but I’ve been to other parts of Texas to visit family.. I remember it getting too hot to even go to the pool during the day. That’s hot for you. Glad you were able to handle the heat enough to have fun and get some riding in!

  2. Our ground here is almost all clay, no sand. And then the heat is kind of like a kiln. So our ground is basically pottery in the summer. Not good for pony feet.

    Can’t wait to see some cambox video!

  3. Your equitation is far from gross! and yeah, the ground is so weird. I’m pretty sure some of the cracks go all the way to the center of the earth.

  4. I always enjoy Texas! (My in-laws live in Fort Worth.) You can’t beat the food. You can’t beat the heat, either, but that’s not a good thing lolz

  5. Looks like you had a blast! If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t jumped at all for over a year and haven’t jumped consistently for about two years. So your equitation is 1000 better than mine could possibly be. Plus, your equitation looks good anyway, regardless of how much mine sucks. Henny looks like so much fun.