My New Addiction: Bonnets

In the past month I have gone from zero fly bonnets to two with one more in the works from the wonderful If The Bonnet Fits. Thanks Amanda for another way to burn my hard earned money!

Unfortunately it is a tad too long for Annie but I am hoping that I can shrink it a little bit. This week I added another semi custom bonnet to the mix – see the pictures from ITBF below. I think the burgundy will look gorgeous on Annie and am hopeful this size will fit her better.




My fully custom bonnet inspired by Henry’s dressage bonnet (above) should be ready for the August River Glen HT but I will be sure to share pictures. I think it will be Navy with 2 strands of crystal. I am debating between line 2 and 3 for crystals or one row of each… Do the rest of you use fly bonnets regularly? Have any new equine addictions?

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  1. Miles doesn’t love bonnets… plus my mom makes them so… I get all the custom bonnets I want FO FREE. I love my life haha

  2. Bonnets are so useful on windy days. I don’t know why, but they help take away that little wind-spook. I really need to get into the practice of using them at shows, but I haven’t yet!

  3. I have a horse with small ears and small cheeks. This is relevant because the last time I used a bonnet on him, he shook his head and the entire bridle fell off. Due to said small facial features, the bonnet just popped right off and took the bridle with it. Did I mention this was at a horse show? And he was a stallion? It was a scene. Thankfully I was leading him and not on him when it happened. Never-the-less, I now fear the bonnet.

  4. One row of each color!
    I got a bonnet from her earlier this year and it’s awesome. Although I have only used it once. It’s too pretty to use everyday, so I should probably get another 1 or 2 for schooling. More fun colors!!!!!!!

  5. I love bonnets! I need to get one for the mare since her ears don’t fit in any of Candy’s old ones. One of the pros of being a jumper- BONNETS.

  6. A big fan of the burgundy, bonnets make a horse look a lot tidier IMO but unfortunately I have the same problem as Stacey & my horse shakes them off! Perhaps I need one that fastens underneath with the string!