Pro Pics: River Glen June HT 2016

Annie’s thoughts on each phases are pretty clear in the pics below…

Dressage: “dis really stupid” (quote from Amanda)

RiverGlen_0554 RiverGlen_0562 RiverGlen_0565 RiverGlen_0573 RiverGlen_0574 RiverGlen_0576

Stadium: “jump all zee things”RiverGlen_3237 RiverGlen_3238 RiverGlen_3239 RiverGlen_3240 RiverGlen_3243 RiverGlen_3244 RiverGlen_3245

Cross Country: “best adventure everrrr”RiverGlen_5197 RiverGlen_5198 RiverGlen_5199 RiverGlen_5201 RiverGlen_5203 RiverGlen_4347 RiverGlen_4348 RiverGlen_4354 RiverGlen_4355Photo Credit: WNC Photography

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  1. Even if she’s not a fan of dressage, there are some pretty cute moments in there! And her face on XC is the cutest. So happy and excited.