Then There Were 3

Kyle and I have been entertaining the idea of a 3rd dog for a couple of months and now that we are getting back in a house we started casually searching. Originally we wanted to foster but as we started thinking about it more it was really important that we got the right dog for our little wolf pack and I knew that I would want to keep any potential foster dog regardless of if they weren’t a perfect fit for us.

We knew we wanted a dog larger than or comparable to Sonny in size but didn’t want a dog with quite as high of a herding instinct. Kyle has always loved GSD and with how much we both love K’s pup Tucker that seemed like the best place to start. This past week the search stopped being so casual and so now I introduce to you Bear!

Bear is a 4 month old german shepherd puppy. He has a really great temperament from being crossed with Czech and West German lines. He seems to have just the right amount of drive without being a total spaz and he is a total sweetheart. Sonny is already loving having a more comparable playmate and they have become fast friends. I can’t wait to get him out to the barn. Luckily he was raised on a farm so he isn’t totally unfamiliar with that lifestyle and horses.

Saturday was a big day for the little guy but he has settled in beautifully.He has a great foundation with some basic obedience and socialization. He gets a little nervous in the car but I am confident that will improve as we get him out and about more often. There are lots of great parks in our area though so we will have plenty of opportunities!Stella is being her typical self and has secured her position as the top dog (literally). She even steals the big crate from the puppy. Luckily he only has to be crated when we leave the house. It’s pretty amazing how fast he has settled in! 
Do any of you guys have any good puppy insights to share? Neither of us are new to the game but I know horse people are normally dog people too!This week I am off to TX for work and I get to spend some time with some pretty cool people! I will share more once the funtivities have started! The countdown to Tryon and Chatt Hills is on with just 2 weeks to go!

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  1. Awww, he’s so cute! Don’t show my husband, he desperately wants a GSD puppy but I have a “no more dogs than people” rule, haha. Someday.

  2. He looks like a very nice gentleman! When I worked in the vet clinic, 90% of the GSDs that came in were very fearful or had some sort of anxiety issues. But, I think the main problem there were the owners. I don’t think those dogs ever got out much, and definitely were not socialized when they were younger.

    The ones that were brave and sweet as pie were the ones that went places all of the time. So it looks like you are already off to a perfect start! Plus he looks like a wonderfully bred boy. He is going to be a star.

  3. Too cute! The smallest one in our threesome thinks he’s top dog too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Always snagging the big crate.

  4. My BO has a german shepherd who is fantastic. He is super sweet and is always out at the barn. The only problem they have with him is his horrible allergies. He has to get special food and even then he has issues with itchy skin. Hopefully your boy doesn’t experience any of that!

  5. Stella in that crate is so funny. “Sorrynotsorry new dog. Everything the light touches is mine. And everything it doesn’t.”

    He’s so cute though! I’m sure he’s going to be so much fun.

  6. I cannot wait to meet him. We’re twinning in so many ways it’s ridiculous haha… all the ogilvy, matching dogs, rootds, etc.

  7. SO CUTE!! I had a GSD when I was a little kid and plan on having one as soon as I steal Peony’s dog, they’re awesome dogs.