Weekend Wrap Up: River Glen June 2016

Despite Annie’s best attempts to thwart our trip east for her second horse trial a twisted shoe and stepping on a clenched nail couldn’t stop us! 

After my rescheduled lesson bright and early (6:15am) on Friday we headed towards Knoxville for River Glen Equestrian Park.By mid afternoon we were well settled and had a light hack around the property. Annie was much more relaxed this weekend and made me proud with her workmanlike attitude!
Dressage was nothing to write home about. Annie was quite stiff and almost belligerent about any consistent contact. I have the vet coming out tomorrow just to confirm that it is nothing physical and just green horse issues. Stadium on the other hand was awesome. Annie was jumping like a rock star and if I hadn’t been micromanaging her we would have gone clear. Unfortunately I leaned to number 7 which didn’t do us any favors and we dropped a rail there and at 8. What I was most proud of was how Annie handled the 2 stride given the issues that we had at Maydaze in stadium. Shout out to Katherine for being awesome sauce and helping me keep my cool and Kyle for making sure I was well hydrated and fed – he’s a keeper!

my cheering squad

We stayed in last place because of our dressage score and the 8 points for our rails. I was just happy that we had a number vs a letter though! After stadium we were able to attend the competitors party. Can I just say how much I love this venue? It is a beautiful property, friendly staff, and great for a green horse! A lot of the events that I had been to in the past never had competitor parties so this was a first for me.We learned this weekend that Stelly really can’t handle horse shows even with limited exposure – definitely not in the heat of summer anyways. I was really happy to have my whole little family there with me this weekend though! Going into cross country I was admittedly a bit nervous. Maydaze kind of shot my confidence in Annie a bit but we warmed up amazingly well and when we were out on course we hit our stride. I had so much fun out there and was almost in tears with how happy I was. We landed in 10th place after a double clear cross country and I couldn’t be happier! Next up is a week of Tryon (fingers crossed) before we head down to Chatt Hills in July. Hopefully we can make progress like we have been and continue the fun!

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  1. Yay for fun outings and coming home sound! A whole week in Tryon? I’m so jealous hehe. Me & the hubs are going up in Sept for AECs and I’m super excited about it.

  2. Ugh. I’m definitely a little jealous that Tryon is next for you! Have fun though! It looks like baby ginger (despite being a little stiff about carrying contact) is in general a model citizen as far as green horses go. TBs are sometimes difficult to teach to carry contact, but you’ll get there, I’m sure.

  3. She looks great! I’m only a half hour from Tryon and would love to come up and meet up/see Annie/bring snacks if you’re interested! Just let me know when you’re headed this way!