2016 Q2 Goal Review 

As I look back on the goals that I roughly set for us at the beginning of the year I am constantly amazed by my sweet little ginger.

Same as last goal review The things that we have succeeded at or at least worked on are bolded. Those things that we failed at or been unable to attempt are striked out

I am also going to be adding some new goals as well as goals Houston at the end that I will review as the year progresses.

img_0963 Me:

  • Riding
    • Take lessons 2x a week ideally (at least 1x/week or 4x/month)
    • Learn how to do hunter braids
    • Jump around 3’6 course confidently
    • Show over 3′ (if a lease is available to do so) I did end up showing .9M though!
    • Quieter seat and upper body
    • Be more positive about progress
    • Track horse spending (board, farrier, vet, lessons, shopping, etc) this proved to be incredibly depressing and I fell off the wagon
    • HAVE FUN!
  • Personal
    • Workout 2x a week (outside of the saddle) 100% fail
    • Eat out less /do better at meal planning  yes and no but overall not a success
    • Lose 20lbs throughout the year (weekly weigh ins – #goalbreeches) Ground zero here…
    • Read at least 1 book a month It is hard to read when I am traveling every other weekend it seems
  • New Goals
    • Camp at remaining events
    • Record XC walks in CourseWalk


  • Teach her leg yields/ shoulder fore
  • Smoother transitions
  • Practice controlled lead changes
  • Jump 2′ courses
  • Go to at least 2 schooling shows
  • Go trail riding off property at least 1x
  • Self load/unload on trailer
  • Tie to trailer
  • Improve Ground Manners
    • Increase patience with farrier
    • Crosstie trustworthiness
  • Keep things fun!
  • New Goals
    • Score below a 40 on a dressage test
    • Continue to run double clear at remaining events (3 or so this year)
    • Ride in dressage saddle 1x a week to hopefully start showing in it by end of year


  • ride min of 2 days a week
  • improve ground manners
  • teach to self load on trailer

Because I wasn’t very aggressive and didn’t set any new goals at the end of Q1 I guess that our progress was approximately the same. That said Annie has been to 3 horse trials, 1 rated HJ show, to visit Beka (trail riding, xc schooling, and beach adventures), and is better every day. Slow and steady wins the race and so far I see Annie as a mega win! It is intoxicating how fun she is in all the things we choose to take on.

How have things been going for all of you? Making progress against goals?

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    1. Well if it makes you feel better this is the only year I haven’t failed miserably and I set really soft goals for some stuff… And in a personal note not only have I not lost weight I have gained… So there’s that.

      Goals are a tricky beast.

  1. I made a goal to ride my horse more and I started off reasonably well, but then he was lame for 2 1/2 months. He’s finally at least mostly sound, but now it’s 100 degrees and I can’t even right now. My other goals are not looking good either. Sadface.

    Glad to see a lot of your text is bolded and you have done a fantastic job with Annie. 🙂