Chatt Hills HT July 2016: Day 2

It isn’t a secret that Annie is a little super star. Probably in spite of me but the past couple of months she has grown up so much and this past weekend I felt like it all came together for us.

Yesterday I shared about dressage and stadium. Today is all about cross country. AKA my new favorite phase.

River Glen was a blast and a half but a very soft course. Chatt Hills was still pretty friendly but there were some slightly more technical BN questions (a jump 1 stride from the water for instance).

Annie – Chatt Hills BN XC from Hillary McMichael on Vimeo.

For the first time ever I was legitimately excited for cross country. I knew that Annie would be honest and game and knowing that she was going to attack all of the fences with gusto made for an amazing run. I am so excited to get back out at River Glen HT in a few weeks.

I finally understand why people love cross country and I have Annie to thank for it!

the horse show hangover is real


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