Defeated By The Tent

napier_sportz_truck_tent57_seriesI don’t know how people camp regularly or alone. My family was never really big on outdoorsy vacations and I honestly can only remember camping one time growing up. Sure we would go cool places but we always had the luxury of a real bed, AC, and showers. Given that I have been competing more this year than ever before I wanted to try to find ways to cut costs. Hotels are one of the most expensive parts of shows so I decided to follow suit of some other bloggers and join the truck tent clubAdmittedly I was actually really excited to get this tent. I obsessed over the purchase before finally making the investment and couldn’t wait for it to get here. Until I tried to set it up. I do not understand how a relatively successful human can struggle with something that seems to be so basic but I did.

I didn’t really set myself up for success by trying to set it up as the sun was setting by myself. After multiple frantic texts to Amanda about how I must be an actual moron I finally started to make progress before calling it quits and going to bed.



Tomorrow I will master the tent set up process… If Bobby can do it so can I! And on the bright side I only have to do it alone at one show in 2 weeks then I’ll be in the company of 2 truck tent pros for my next horse trial in October. 😉

Do the rest of you camp at shows? Only during certain seasons? Stay in your trailer?

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  1. My trailer has a “living quarters,” but it would need a lot of work before I would stay in it. I do think I’d prefer living quarters to a tent just because I’d be paranoid about security. I think the lock on my trailer door (and the lights) are about the only functioning features of my living quarters though. 😉

  2. I (obviously) camp at endurance rides and while I’ve gotten used to it, I do wish hotels were an option (or that I had my own trailer with LQ). I’ve heard mixed reviews of the truck bed tent and will be interested to see how your experience goes. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! Now that I am thinking about camping I kind of wish I had a small LQ but I also do a lot of local hauling so I am really happy my trailer is smaller. I will definitely report back after the experience!

  3. As a teenager I literally NEVER stayed in a hotel. I would sleep in the back (yes, where the horses stand) of my trailer, sleep in my car, or sleep in the aisle at the show ground barn. It never really bothered me since most places had a nicer bathrooms on show grounds. I couldn’t afford a hotel or tent back then and now I just hate spending the money…so unless its going to be 90*+, I camp, in an actual tent at least now.

  4. If ONLY there were video of this!! If Chancercise can put her’s up alone, then basically a blind monkey can, so I have faith in you Hillary – let’s blame the lack of sunlight.

  5. I’ve never stayed at a hotel during a horse show. I used to clean out the back of the trailer, set up my cot and call it good. Now I have a GN with a dressing room that I’ve put a mattress in. One day I’ll be able to afford a LQ, but until then, I’m totally happy staying in it as is. It’s also the only time I ever camp. If I can’t bring my horse, I have zero interest.

  6. Setting up a tent alone is a tough skill. I have had to do it a few times, but I have also set the same tent up countless times with hubby. I don’t know if I could do a new one all by myself without a few choice words.

  7. Although more expensive than a tent, I will say my truck’s camper topper is awesome. We have a real mattress in there and can leave all the camping stuff stored away. Plus no set up aside from removing the coolers and other supplies once we arrive. We still get to have a small maneuverable trailer, but more LQ like situation for sleeping.