Tables Are Turning

I have made it no secret that the cross country phase of eventing has caused me serious anxiety in the past.squirrel nervous gifI legitimately used to walk the course and and convince myself I would not die. There were many times that I would want to run screaming in the other direction. minion scream gifWhich is a big part of why I stopped trying to event with Houston. Props to the various trainers that have gotten me to the point where I started to enjoy running cross country.

As Annie and I are building a partnership and learning the ropes again together I am finding that I really am not afraid of much at the Beginner Novice level on the courses that I have seen. Thank you CourseWalk for the ability to stalk ALL of the courses.

Novice Corner TryonI still don’t love jumps with cut outs but for the most part at beginner novice I do not get nervous about many fences anymore. Now as we move up I will admit that I am not superย excited about jumping corners or hanging things. WHY IS THERE SO MUCH OPEN SPACE… Give me a big table any day people.Adjusta Pole Novice FDL But then my BO’s husband was like if you buy the wood I will built it… So enter my own hanging log jump (I will post about that process as it happens).

tumblr_n1zfsbACut1t5b96zo1_500That is not to say that I am not cautious but I get really excited on course walks now – because it all looks so fun. Guys that is HUGE for me.ย rafiki knock sense gif

When I started eventing I started blabbering to friends about what a weenie I was and how nervous I am. That was me being stuck in my head. Enter Amanda who is my “cut the bull” friend. Beginner Novice is doable for most horses. Annie takes stuff on with gusto… Now I find myself thinking – hmm… Novice looks pretty doable… I wonder if I could be schooling training next year? WHO AM I??

tumblr_n0wzzlReoY1s2wio8o1_500Have you guys had mental breakthroughs like this? Doesn’t it feel awesome?

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  1. My “cut the bull” opinion is that y’all will be schooling Training pretty damn soon. Annie is exactly the right horse for the sport.

  2. Annie seems like such a perfect horse for the sport, that it makes sense that she’s helping you to feel braver! I do also think it’s important not to get too down on yourself, and friends that (literally or figuratively) hit you over the head when you get in your own head are so great. Can’t wait to see where y’all go together. You’re such a good pair.

  3. This post is so me…but with not with cross country (that will never happen haha) but with cantering my horse that used to buck and driving the trailer. Courtney at aneqlife is my “cut the bull” person, but I have yet to conquer the drive the trailer bit. *gulp*

    Annie is so capable. I’m excited your mentality about it is changing!

  4. This is huge! A few sports psychologists I have talked to have pointed out that a major part of being comfortable doing something you’re uncomfortable with is thinking about it less in terms of worst case scenarios (or changing your worst case scenario). So instead of “I could trip and fall into this ditch and break my neck and die” it sounds like you’ve moved to “well, maybe we don’t jump it perfectly but that’s ok!” (though I obviously don’t know exactly what you’ve moved towards in terms of thinking of XC). Which is awesome!

  5. Confidence! There’s nothing better than feeling capable at what you’re trying to do. It’s been awhile since I’ve felt that myself, but it always comes back the more you do it. I’m so majorly impressed by all of you eventers. I would need to change my pants after every jump if I ever was told I had to run cross country! #istayinthering

  6. That’s so awesome! Feeling ready to take on a cross-country course.. and then some is such a great feeling! I used to get very nervous before my XC rides to the point that I wouldn’t even want to leave the start box! After switching trainers… I finally ENJOY cross-country and look forward to it! Y’all will kick butt! And airy jumps still scare me, I’m a solid jump kind of person too ๐Ÿ™‚