Rider Review: Winston Equestrian Paris Tech Shirt

logo-colorEarlier this year I won an awesome contest that Luxe Eq and Winston Equestrian paired up to host. A few weeks later I found myself the proud owner of the nicest show shirt I own and will probably ever own. I was given some options and ended up landing on the Paris Tech Show Shirt and wanted to share my thoughts now that I have had it for a few months.

Price: $189


woman_shirt_paristech_001The Winston Paris Tech shirt is a “stretchy textured cotton” which makes it not only comfortable but also somehow not see-through. Megan @ LuxeEq held my hand through the selection process  (she is the bomb guys!) but I probably should have sized up – in the future I will do so.

img_9248 As a junior I tended to lean towards a more fitted style but now that I have a bit more shape I find that I am definitely more comfortable if I have a little breathing room. If you like a fitted style or are of a more slender build and struggle with shirts looking boxy on you then I would urge you to try this or another Winston shirt out. For size comparison I was given a size 38 Paris Tech. I usually wear a 36 RJ classics or a small (tighter)/medium (just right) in the Talent Yarn and Kastel show shirts.

img_9887While I was fully mobile, comfortable, and crisp looking in this shirt I would recommend anyone that feels like they are between sizes to go up because of the French sizing. Apparently the shirt looks good though as I have been given multiple compliments from those around me when I wear it at shows. Amanda at The $900 Facebook Pony did a review of another model Winston shirt (among other things) if you are wanting other opinions!

Bottom Line: If you are searching for a nice shirt with a bigger budget the Winston line is something to consider and probably can’t be beat. These shirts offer the benefit of staying comfortable but sticking to a more classic look. Happy shopping friends!

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  1. So fancy! I’m so cheap when it comes to buying clothes, so it’s hard for me to purchase show clothes that are “cheap.” Plus I tend to destroy anything that’s white, so I’d probably just buy a couple cheap white shirts and cross my fingers. 😉 If I were showing seriously I’d possibly buy something nicer.