Appreciating What I’ve Got

img_2115Yesterday morning Annie suffered through an episode of choke. I am not entirely sure what caused it but thankfully she was able to clear the blockage and is back to her normal self.

img_2106I have had mild bouts of colic, plenty of stitches (thank you Houston), cellulitis, the list goes on… But I have never had a horse suffer from choke. I was not prepared to get that dreaded phone call this morning that my sweet mare was having difficultly breathing and was in distress. img_2110Cue panic. Annie is in Louisville with me which is both good and bad. I can’t help but feel like this is somehow my fault even though I know that rationally I give my horses the best care that I can. I take as much precaution as possible while traveling  yet I still feel as though I did my horse a disservice. img_2093

I planned to recap this weekend yesterday and today… I was going to go into detail and share amazing pictures about how much fun I had with Annie. I’ll still get to that but today I am just thankful that my sweet mare worked through the issue with minimal interference and will be back to normal in no time. Some of you might think I am a drama queen and maybe I am. But I am a thankful DQ!

I bought Annie thinking she might be a fun horse for awhile or a project but I ended up falling in love wth an off track red headed thoroughbred mare. We should all be so lucky!

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  1. Fiction is very prone to choke. The only way we’ve been able to eliminate it completely is by making his food a soup at every meal. Glad Annie is OK. Choke can be super scary.