Chatt Hills HT July 2016: Pro Pics Stadium

LCP_5158 After our improved dressage (even if our score didn’t reflect it) I was so excited to get to stadium and cross country. Annie grew up so much during our week in Tryon and I was excited to test her out so to speak. Plus she is always more game about jumping than dressage… Refer to yesterday. LCP_5159 As we already knew Annie is a perfect little creature. We went into the ring and she was on it. When I walked I weighed a couple of different options and after the first jump I knew that I would be able to take more inside turns on my little sports car instead of the sweeping loopy track. LCP_5160Towards the end of the course Annie was on auto pilot. I need to remember to ride and keep her tuned in but I was having so much fun. By the end of the course we ended with quite a big step and were flying. LCP_5162 I was so happy when we finished the course. Things started to come together with us and I knew that the fun over fences was just starting! LCP_5163

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