Clinic Recap: Elisa Wallace Day 2

Coming into day two Elisa had a better feel of all of us and we were able to jump right into the fun stuff!Eliza Wallace Clinic-2Now here is a big mind boggling bit of information… I was still leaning… and tipping… and overall struggling with the same shit I always do. Yeah one ride with a 4* rider doesn’t make the adult ammy ride like a 4* rider… EW was seriously patient and then she realized I needed the tough love teaching.Eliza Wallace Clinic-6

The exercise was pretty much a building lesson. We started with a small set of stairs, moved onto adding a small vertical, and from there it went all the way to a small course including a coupe and a 2 stride.

Eliza Wallace Clinic-9I started out okay but as I went along I would start tipping more and more. Eliza Wallace Clinic-7Then I was told “don’t be shit” and you know what… I rode better! New motto! Eliza Wallace Clinic-11 Eliza Wallace Clinic-12 Eliza Wallace Clinic-13 Eliza Wallace Clinic-9 Eliza Wallace Clinic-11Eliza Wallace Clinic-13
In addition to getting to ride with a really incredible 4* rider I also finally got to meet Lauren from Dandyism! Not only is she just as sweet as you would expect her fiance is also the bomb. He took all of the awesome photos in this post! Eliza Wallace Clinic-20 Lauren and Eric let me stay with them over night which was incredible. I love my truck tent but GA heat is oppressive. Props to you Amanda and Bobby for camping in TX but you are better people. Eliza Wallace Clinic-21 This also meant that all of the dogs could meet so their back yard was like a dog park for awhile! Eliza Wallace Clinic-27 Eliza Wallace Clinic-33 Eliza Wallace Clinic-38 Eliza Wallace Clinic-42 Eliza Wallace Clinic-43 Eliza Wallace Clinic-44 Eliza Wallace Clinic-46Even more fun added to the last day is that the facility that we rode at had a old race track. What started as a casual hack around the track turned into a quick impromptu race. Let me just tell you that Gus is a competitive dude with a BIG stride. We came around the final turn (and only turn since we started towards the end) and Gus turned into a beast. I was honestly pretty convinced that Gus was going to go tearing around the track again and again and again. Luckily he came back to planet earth pretty quickly though. Eliza Wallace Clinic-50 The horse wont have issues making time! That’s for sure! Eliza Wallace Clinic-56

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  1. lol if only riding with a 4* rider could magically transform us into 4* riders ourselves… i woulda been there three years ago! instead of… ya know… still kinda doing a mediocre-at-best job at the lowest of the low levels haha. seriously tho – great pictures and glad it was a fun clinic!

  2. Great pics! And I totally know what you mean about needing someone to kick you in the butt sometimes 😉 Mine was “manage the potato.” Glad it worked, you guys look awesome!