River Glen HT August 2016: Day 2

Coming into Sunday I was pretty disappointed in myself for not giving Annie better rides on Saturday. She is a great baby horse and even coming off a less than stellar dressage test we should have had no problem going clear over stadium.

I knew that we would be able to redeem ourselves on the cross country course though and boy did we ever! I did record my walk with the course walk app but for some reason the app lost some of my pictures and the GPS wasn’t cooperating.

Regardless I did remember to turn my helmet cam on and Annie was a machine. I seriously have never had as much fun on a horse as I do when I am out running cross country on her. Feast your eyes.

My apologies in advance for my mouth breathing and commentary haha.

Annie – River Glen BN XC from Hillary McMichael on Vimeo.

I should have pro pics to share later this week and this weekend we will actually be heading to GA for an Elisa Wallace clinic. I even get to meet up with a fun bloggerΒ too!

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  1. I love your commentary and the counting, sound just like me, lol. Congrats on finally getting to have some fun!