Not Quite NQR?

As I have been lamenting Annie has been a bit difficult lately. I have had her teeth looked at, she has gone to the clinic for evaluation, she has been adjusted by the chiropractor… She is even on depo. She was horrible last week and then we had some break through rides. Except there is still this nagging feeling that something is NQR. goodwitchbadwitch

Pulling Annie out I ask myself the above… Lately I don’t know what I am going to get on the flat. But she feels fine for all intensive purposes and she is still her incredibly sweet self on the ground. I keep going back and forth and after a chat with some friends and all of the stuff that has been going down on blog land I want to check one more time that there really isn’t anything going on. It’s just money right?crazy-disney-rabbitI can’t find anything wrong with her. Her back seems fine, her legs seem fine, and her feet are also fine. FINE FINE FINE… Fine will drive you mad.crazy-disneyI FEEL LIKE A CRAZY PERSON. The vet didn’t find anything last month but that doesn’t change the fact that I can’t help but wonder if there is something bothering her. I can’t handle the thought that I am asking her to do something that makes her uncomfortable – even if that something is just the right lead.cruellaShe is a spicy ginger but it really isn’t like her to be so belligerent about something. I want my sweet mare rideable mare back. I can handle witchyness and I can handle greeness but I am not sure how to handle what she has been throwing at me now I find myself waiting for tomorrow morning. It is always something with horses.

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  1. I went through all of this with my gelding to ultimately determine he is just an @sshole when he decides he doesn’t want to work. I don’t know if that’s better or worse than a physical ailment.

  2. I mean she’s young, I feel like sometime in 5 year mark they get belligerent about several things. She’s 4 going on 5 so it could just be a mental thing, something you can’t scan for, unless we get some psychotherapy for ponies.

    1. 100% agree with this. Charlie didn’t have many opinions when I first got him but let me tell you, about a year and a half into it, he found his voice and hasn’t lost it. I just learned to go with it and laugh because if I didn’t laugh, it was absolutely miserable.

  3. Agree with L about belligerent babies sometimes just need a step back with all pressure off for a few weeks/months and also agree with you definitely better safe than sorry! Hope it’s nothing!

  4. It’s entirely possible that she’s just being a 5 year old with opinions, but have you had all of her reproductive stuff checked out? Not just hormonal imbalances, but actually checking for any odd swelling or anything? We had one a while ago who was acting sort of similar and I think it ended up being that some part of her reproductive system (I can’t remember if it was ovaries or uterus or what) was swollen and it was making her fussy and uncomfortable.

  5. Jetta went through this awful terrible stage when she was 4 and I had absolutely no clue what was happening… The vet gave me no clear diagnosis and thought it was behavioral instead of reproductive (ovarian cyst or something) or ulcers, which is what I had been thinking since it wasn’t pain or teeth. Eventually I just had to do a major attitude adjustment and magically she was fine after that! Hope you get a clear answer that’s easily fixable!

  6. Perhaps it’s the change in season or the shorter daylight hours. Or maybe she’s in heat? Or maybe she’s a spicy red head this month? Ugh, it’s so frustrating when they change not for the better seemingly out of nowhere. I hope you get to the bottom of it quick, and that it’s nothing too major! Fingers crossed you have a useful vet session tomorrow!

  7. I am assuming you have ruled out ulcers? I’m probably late to the party with that suggestion, but figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. I’ve been there, it can be very frustrating hang in there 🙂

  8. Ugh, I feel you. Always something with horses. ^Also, second the ulcers thing? I know I was blindsided with Foster’s experience, but it could be an easy fix if it’s actually something like that…

  9. Our vet just gave us a two-week course of ulcer meds for our good-natured TB gelding b/c of his mood and attitude which seemed to change daily – and at its worst meant him pretty much refusing to work at all.
    Four days in and he’s back to being his accommodating derpy self.
    FWIW, we suspected ulcers as the herd was just moved onto a new pasture and where we live, fall grasses can become quite high in sugar.