Rider Review: Sun Horse Shampoo


A couple weeks ago I got two bottles of SunHorse Shampoo. I had been eyeing this brand but as my most favorite retailer Riding Warehouse doesn’t sell this stuff it wasn’t as easy to casually throw into the shopping cart.

Price: $9.50/bottle or $18/ two bottles – I think this is pretty reasonable for an 8oz bottle of shampoo regardless but when you consider how far a bottle goes it is a great bang for your buck. I usually don’t like very concentrated shampoos but this stuff is an exception.

Review: I am pretty picky about the products that I use on my creatures. As evidenced by the fact that I created my own coat spray! That said I really like this shampoo. I have used it on the horses, the dogs, and I will admit to even washing my own hair with it in a pinch at the barn. I have been known to do this with Herbal Horse Shampoo but I usually don’t stray to other brands because of the ingredients. This shampoo is made from natural ingredients which is another big plus in my book. Luckily for me this product goes really far (the bucket above was just a dollop) and cleanses without being drying or leaving residue. Perfect for all of the creatures and occasionally the human too! The scents are refreshing but not overwhelming for those of you that are sensitive to strong aromas. Most of all Annie’s coat is nice and soft after a bath and she dries shiny and fresh. Bottom Line: This shampoo is a good value for your dollar. I personally don’t recommend using shampoo every bath but I would have no issue using this stuff on a more regular basis as from my experience it would not leave a residue or dry out the coat. Perfect for the quick bath or a show as it definitely helps to clean up the chromey bits too!

What is your favorite shampoo?

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  1. Ohhhh I’m intrigued. I have tried a good amount of shampoo and conditioner for mane and tails but always go back to Infusium 23 (people stuff) but maybe this would be worth a try.