Weekend Wrap Up: CKH Hunter Pace

Last week was not one to write home about. For one reason or another my rides were disappointing. Annie and I seemed to be getting no where with our rides which isn’t super confidence instilling when our next event is in 2 weeks. I tried lunging in the faux-ssoa rig, riding outside of the arena, jumping… You name it. I have had frustrating times with Annie but this week was by far the worst.

Then the opportunity to ride in a hunter pace came up. There was much internal debate. I didn’t want to ride a fiery dragon in a new place. Annie is always so good on new adventures that I took the chance and hoped that some good simple fun would be just what we needed to get out of our funk.

Thankfully it was just what we needed and Annie was a super star. I am so glad that I didn’t pass up the opportunity. I might actually try to get out with the club that hosted the hunter pace more this season which would be really fun! I hope that I can get out to more things like this because I know it would be great for Annie’s brain!

What kind of stuff do you all like to get out to for a nice reset? 

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  1. Ahhh, training the babies. Always frustrating at some point. I like to trail ride when we need a re-set. I wish we had more hunter paces around here!!

  2. Haha I normally dress C up and take his picture. It distracts me and the pictures remind me what I like about him, and then when I can let go of whatever tension I’m holding, I have either fixed the problem or cleared my head to the point that I can address it better.


  3. I really want to do a hunter pace. They are just not as popular out here as they were on the east coast. I like to trail ride as well for a change of pace/fun ride.

  4. Sounds like the perfect reset button! I’m trying to figure out similar extra curricular activities for the new guy too – it’s tough tho bc I’m new to the barn and don’t have riding buddies yet, and am not quite brave enough to explore on our own at first lol