Rider Review: If The Bonnet Fits

This has been a long time coming but I think that it is safe to say now that I have a bonnet problem… I shared this new addiction of mine earlier in the summer. Well… Since then I have added 2 more bonnets to the family and I am constantly scheming up new ones…

For the sake of full disclosure I do not have experience with other custom bonnets. I randomly decided I wanted to try one and Sierra had a lovely premade bonnet in colors that I wanted. A small fee added onto that and I had custom ears. YES PLEASE! I have seen all sorts of off the rack varieties (varying price and quality) but after The $900 FB Pony started talking about If The Bonnet Fits I knew that it had to be on the up and up. Price: Somewhere between $45-$75 would be my guess depending on the number of rows, custom embroidery, and materials used (I prefer mercerized wool). There are plenty of bonnets for less and you could even spend more (WHY?!) and get a De La Coeur bonnet… I like money too much to spend $125 on a hat for my horse. Sorry not sorry. Overall really great pricing for what you are getting.

Review: I personally don’t think that these bonnets can be beat. They are well made, priced fairly, and fit really well. They can be sized custom as well if needed – Annie is a special bird and has to have a custom length bonnet with big ears. Additionally the customer service can’t be beat. The timing can vary depending on the volume of orders but Sierra communicates any delays and is always very accommodating – she even offered to expedite shipping of bonnets to a show for me!

img_1946-1.jpgETA: Since this post I have had 2 more bonnets made and have others in the works. Bottom Line: If you like bonnets, good customer service, and reasonable prices you need to check out If The Bonnet Fits. I am sure that I will continue to grow my collection in the future!

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  1. I love Sierra, she’s great! I think the prices start around $45 for a base bonnet with one row of cord? Something like that… she’s super reasonable.

  2. I won a basic bonnet in that Olympic contest and paid for some upgrades — should be making its way to me pretty soon I think, and I’m so excited!! Ive heard nothing but rave reviews about her stuff.

  3. I’m totally addicted. I now own four and two are just for schooling! Alex hates when his hair touches his ears, he’s such a sensitive princess, but I am definitely guilty for buying so many 🙂

  4. Cosmo only has one bonnet, but it’s from If the Bonnet Fits and I love it. We only wear it at shows, so I should probably get another.