TN to OK

Well this weekend Annie and I completed our first Novice HT. There were ups and downs but I will go into more detail tomorrow. First off I wanted to share things I learned about Oklahoma this weekend…

There are burrs everywhere. It’s seriously a sticker trap and even pants and tall boots won’t keep you safe. They will attach to your skin, clothes, shoes, and especially your poor dogs paws. No way no how could I handle that all the time.

It was fah reeeeeezing at night. Why god why?! I planned to camp this weekend and like an idiot decided that this horse show I wasn’t going to over pack. Well this left me freezing my butt off. And scurrying to find a store to buy more clothes at. I also realized that I want a Butler Bag like no bodies business. Bobby was all cozy and happy while I was crawling into my truck every night freezing to death.

It is a flat place and there is sure to be a casino approx every 10 miles… I guess that is how they lure people into the state? (Sorry Steph) Overall I think that it was a really good venue for our move up but I definitely don’t want to get in the car for a road trip anytime soon.

The area V contingent are pretty nice! All in all I met some really awesome people that were super friendly. Did you all have fun adventures this weekend?

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    1. Haha well it was only planned because I was hoping to meet Amanda there but she had to scratch and the course looked fun. We didn’t win but we didn’t finish last place! And it was fun!

  1. I think people are mostly lured by the oil and natural gas industry combined with the low cost of living. The western and central part of the state where you went is much less scenic than the Tulsa area (burrs are still a thing tho)!

      1. I camp 40+ nights a year, including in New England winters.

        You really want one of these:

        I sleep in it in any weather from 70s down to low 30s. You can unzip one layer or just unzip your feet if you’re hot, or zip the whole thing up if you’re cold.

        If money is no object, this is the same concept but not as flexible, however it’s warmer:

        I have both, use the kelty way more, only use the backcountry bed when space is at a premium/weight matters. Otherwise the kelty is warm enough and it’s so roomy and snuggly. Totally worth the $$.