Blanketing The Young Horse

While Annie has been the main baby horse of the show now Luna is taking over that role. Four years old may still be a baby but eight months takes the cake! Because Annie was already three when I got her she was already in horse sized clothes. Luna however is very solidly in the youth section of attire. I think with horses most of us end up developing an eye for what fits various horses. I can usually get to within a size with my guestimates. You can throw all of that out the window when you add a baby horse into the picture. I feel like a new mom that knows their kid isn’t in newborn sizes but probably isn’t wearing age appropriate sizes either.

yearling_turnout_grandeGiven that Luna was born in February she is a very large weanling. Actually more of a yearling in terms of size so I decided to purchase a Kensington Yearling Turnout. It is adjustable from 48″ to 60″. I have a feeling that before spring Luna will have this thing busting at the seams! It is already a bit of a mini skirt.
I guess this is kinda dependent on your climate because I would imagine if you live somewhere toasty you might not bother with blanketing a young horse. For those of you with experience with baby horse clothes how do you decide what you need? Based on my friends recommendation I bought something with a bit of fill but I kind of wish I had something with no fill too. But if won’t fit after this year so is it even worth it?

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  1. My family’s farm is in VA, and unless they are clipped, the babies just don’t get blankets except on the days that are extra cold. We just let them get hairy, and they seem to do fine. While our newest one was just a little baby and not weaned, he did get blanketed, but otherwise he’s been fine. I would suggest looking at used blankets while she’s growing so fast, since many of the used blankets were only used for maybe 1 full season before they no longer fit.

  2. Cute!!! My experience was the baby horses in pasture destroyed all the blankets so they all stayed naked! NJ winter, snow, all of it. No clipping of course but they did great.

  3. I didn’t blanket Emi unit she was about a year and a half (when she had impaction colic). After that she was able to wear a horse sized blanket (size 74) that I borrowed from a friend.

  4. I love those tiny baby blankets! I blanketed Henry (as he was/is hard to keep weight on) but not Mystic unless it was like -40. It’s always good to practice those “grown up” horse things early either way πŸ™‚