This week has been pretty uneventful but has provided lots quality time with the creatures.

Getting to know baby Luna has been a lot of fun. She is a quirky little thing. She definitely isn’t quite as openly sweet as Annie is. She is a bit more sparing with her affection and actually kind of makes an ugly face when you walk up to her. I just ignore it and then she is all about you. I guess she likes to play hard to get. Once I learn more about her personality I will have to pick her TV/ Movie personality. I am leaning towards a standoffish triceratops from Land Before Time!


On the Annie front we have been taking it easy. We were both a bit burnt out from all of the traveling so it has been nice to just hang out and relax. Last night I rode with my BO’s daughter and got some video! My barn is awesome for so many reasons. Now we can add to that list drone videos! The video is kind of boring because I haven’t been riding much and we were mostly just trying to get the horses used to it but I foresee a lot of cool videos in the future!

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  1. Drone video FTW! My husband has one, might have to see what my horses think about it while I’m riding (they’re used to being buzzed in the pasture haha). So neat!

  2. My brother has some drones. He product tests for Amazon so he gets all kinds of random things to try out. I should get him to send one over one of these days!
    I’m so enjoying all of your baby horse photos! I’m excited to read all about her adventures.

    1. She was honestly pretty chill. He even flew it in right in front of us and dropped down for a picture and she and the pony were like ok. That’s a bit weird but NBD. Now I know she won’t care if one comes up on us!