Moving Up

img_3190This past weekend Annie and I made the move from BN to N. Having never done an event in Area 5 I have nothing to compare it to but overall I really liked Feather Creek as a venue. Minus the previously mentioned burrs. Those things… Like any horse show I had to get rations… Wine on wine on wine. img_3222Unfortunately I was not as prepared as I usually am for the cold weather for myself or the horse! Somehow I moved my blankets out of the tack room of my trailer. Bobby to the rescue though! ย Riding on Friday didn’t go the best. Annie was tense and really uninterested in playing. I did my best to ignore her antics and say a little prayer that she would be more game for our actual test.img_3240Going into Saturday I was more nervous that usual. Annie was surprisingly good in dressage warm up and I unfortunately got so excited about the right lead canter circle that I just kept on going – the tornado sirens being tested did not inspire soothing feelings either. We finished our test with an error but it was all on me. ย img_3232

I have to say that the move really didn’t concern me until we were actually about to go into the ring for Stadium and then I freaked out. Incase you were wondering not breathing, dropping your horse at the base of the jump, and throwing yourself onto said horses neck makes for a hideous round. We still moved up after stadium by some miracle but I was not proud of the ride.img_3248

If only I rode stadium like I rode cross country… On Friday night Bobby and I did our first course walk… Having never had a trakehner on course I stupidly walked up to it. Cue panic. Bobby found me in a nervous sweat staring at the death pit. Lesson learned. Give the trakehner a wide berth on all course walks.ย img_3216I need not have worried though because Annie is a perfect rock star and attacked all of the cross country jumps like a pro! She is an absolute machine. We finished at the bottom of the pack but it was a learning experience that ended with a number and not a letter.

img_3214To summarize I need to ride better and Annie is a super star even if she can be a little belligerent about dressage. We have allll winter to focus on improving our flatwork.


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  1. Congrats on a successful move up! I’m totally in awe of all of you eventers with your big girl breeches. No way would I head out for cross country without being heavily medicated!

  2. Congrats on the move up girl, you guys killed it.
    I have to say I always found trakheners more inviting than an open ditch as they give the horse something to lock on to…but obvs agree – never look down #mantra