October 10 Q’s

Thank you L for sharing 10 questions! 🙂

What do you consider “jumping high” for yourself? Over 1M. I haven’t jumped over 3ft in a pretty substantial amount of time but now that Annie is growing up I hope that we can pass 1M in no time 🙂

What are your short term goals for riding? Do you think you’ll reach them? How is short term defined…  In the next year I would really like to be successful at Novice and hopefully aiming for the 1.1M by the end of next year? We will see how that actually pans out as we get closer to starting 2017.

Long term goals for riding? Do you think you’ll reach them? Long term I really want to do the AO jumpers. Low AO’s are about 1.3M I believe so hopefully at some point in the next before I die timeframe I will be able to get there.

How many barns have you been at in your riding career? Probably 2 in FL and then in KY maybe 4 barns. 1 of the barns was my family’s. I have been at my current barn for about a year and I hope we never have to leave.

How many different trainers have you been with in your riding career? Probably 6

Ever worked at a barn? What did you do? Not really. I have helped here and there but I have never been formally employed or even really compensated. I was always a barn rat as a kid but I always just did what I was told and usually was rewarded with extra rides. I don’t consider that working though.

Scariest thing that has happened at your barn? Honestly have no idea how to answer this. At our personal barn we never had anything too traumatic. At one point we had a horse get loose and try to take a cruise down the road but our property was fenced in. At my current barn I don’t think anything scary has ever happened. It’s gated so there are no weirdos coming onto the property.

Have you ever given a lesson? What level was the rider? Technically no. I have never been paid to teach. I have lead kids around or lunged a pony with a tiny aboard though.

What is your opinion on the accuracy of critiquing riders online? If this person is a well known rider doing something dangerous or potentially harmful to their horse I have no problem asking questions or raising awareness. There are always going to be extremes on both ends of every spectrum though.

IMG_0126What is the ideal height of a horse for you? Over 15.3hh and under 17.1h

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  1. I think you could go out and jump 4′ on Annie tomorrow. She’d breeze right over it… just gotta get her a good spot haha

  2. I love these little questionnaires because I learn so much about people! I think it’s kind of interesting that many of us have been to a similar number of barns and trainers.