Rider Review: Lund Saddlery 5 Point Breastplate


lundlogoA couple months ago I was given a breastplate and some other items to review by Lund Saddlery. When I was contacted and told the goal was to provide quality tack at affordable prices I thought whats not to like!

Up first is the 5 point breastplate.

Price: $160 USD (this will fluctuate with exchange rates) or $210 CAD – I personally find this to be a steal of a price for what it is

Review: As a full disclosure I was not expecting to love this tack so much. I am spoiled and have to admit that I am normally a french leather kind of gal. I have agonized over not purchasing tack from other well known brands that provide Sedgwick solely because for the money it just didn’t seem like a good investment. 5 Star I am looking at you and your Rolex booth.img_2902

Finally with Lund I have found a brand that carries nice Sedgwick that doesn’t have a shiny film over it at a reasonable price to boot!

dscf7556That said this breastplate is made of leather that is much nicer than I have encountered at anywhere near the price- the use of Italian leather for the padding is a really nice touch and who doesn’t love navy (don’t answer that because I might judge you). As Amanda mentioned it isn’t as buttery as french leather but I bet this stuff would survive an apocalypse.

img_2354 It is oh so fluffy and might make you want to pet it. Lund thinks of everything and even provides matching dee savers.dscf7541 Every point of this breastplate that can has a swiveling snap for convenience and despite all the abuse I could muster (including hosing it down, not cleaning it for a disgusting period of time, and other offenses) I have seen no signs of rust or chipping to the coating. img_2347The detail of the stitching, perfect thickness of padding, and the quality of the materials if very evident. I tried to find a flaw in the craftsmanship and drew a blank. I have never owned a 5 point before now because I just didn’t like what was available for the money. They were all either bulky, the wrong color, or ridiculously over priced. If you want a 5 point, like navy, and appreciate good quality then this is the breastplate for you.

Lucky for you the Lund October Monthly Draw is for this lovely hunk of leather. You know you want it! Click here to enter the free drawing.

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  1. I really like navy. Everyone should. 😉 I have no idea what I would need this for, but naturally, I’ve entered the give away just in case. I really wanted the win the bridle a while back, but no luck there. haha

  2. The details are as fine as any much more expensive tack–providing the dee savers with the breastplate is pretty genius. Like, why has no one done that before?

  3. I have literally no use for a 5 point breastplate, but it is gorgeous. I love my Lund bridle and I will continue using it even though it looks silly with my western saddle. My horse likes it, I like it and it makes my hunter princess heart go pitter pat.

  4. After my bizarre and somewhat inappropriate interaction with Lund, I will never be a customer, regardless of how nice their stuff looks.