“Sibling” Stalking

I have been doing some internet stalking trying to find other Big Star offspring. Relatively speaking Big Star doesn’t have that many offspring on the ground so most of them are fairly young. Feast your eyes on some of Luna’s “siblings”.

Big Star x Darco

Big Star x Goldfever I

Big Star x Cento

Big Star x Numero Uno

Big Star x Heartbreaker

Big Star x Polydor

Big Star x Lazio

I wish I could have found something with a similar damline but at least I found something. The magical interwebs. With thoroughbreds it is kind of cool to see what else is out there. Annie is out of a no name Pulpit son so there aren’t many siblings out there that I could find. I have found it interesting to look at the other Pulpits out there though! Have any of you all stalked or searched for your horses relatives?

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  1. Ha! I have absolutely done it. It was a major hobby in grad school while procrastinating. The whole family tree! A very good use of my time!

    1. I need to look at her damline more. I have actually ridden a gelding by the same sire as her dam’s sire. He was cool but super heavy. Her dam seems to have benefitted from some blood.

  2. Yes!!! I loved doing this! I stalked Pongos lines way back using that horse genealogy site. I looked at a few sibs too but he was mostly backyard bred from a no name stallion so there wasn’t much in terms of direct relations. Now out of curiosity I’d like to know if anyone else got the crap soundness card I was dealt but I’m not going to waste time pursuing it. As much as I’d love from a temperament and personality perspective to own another one like him I don’t think I could bring myself to dip into those bloodlines again. Although he has some very cute “cousins” out there for sale.

  3. I’m lucky in that I got to meet Copper’s parents on the farm where he was born and several of his siblings, both full and half throughout the years since the breeders and I were in a regional club together and I was/am good friends with their trainer. Unfortunately, Copper’s sire died shortly after I purchased him, so I only saw him when he was already battling laminitis. Copper is the only living colt by the cross and there is only one other full sibling still alive, and I haven’t met her as she was born before him and sold to TX. His mother was sold to some people who live cover, and she hates/refuses to stand for live cover, so I doubt there will be any more babies out of her either. So he has one living full sister and one living half sister. Out of other five that the mare has had throughout the years he’s completely different from all of them, both living and dead in that he’s the only one that ever really made a riding horse, the rest are very halter type. Love my fluke. 😉

    1. I should edit. He has one living full sister and one living half sister that he shared with his dam. He has LOTS of living half siblings by his sire.

  4. The Andalusian world is pretty small so I actually am able to keep tabs on a decent amount of my mares’ relatives. It’s kind of neat to see traits they share, and areas they differ. One of my friends maintains a MASSIVE FB photo album with lots of photos of ancestors as well as modern relatives of her horse, but that seems like too much effort for me, I’m fundamentally very lazy 😂

    1. That seems like a lot of work. I do like to know how many x level horses a sire has produced or how successful x lines crossed together are but with Big Star there aren’t enough on the ground to see anything with her specific cross.

  5. I look at racehorse bloodlines a lot, mostly out of interest of whether there’s a pattern to the lines for the ottbs with good/correct jumping form … which is hard to tell sometimes because of all the inbreeding.

  6. I haven’t done a ton of sibling stalking, but Jampy was a breeding stallion before I bought him and took away his manhood. So it is fun to try and find his kids.
    I had a girl from Germany contact me on Youtube because she saw a video I had up of Jamp. She has one of his babies! So now we’re Facebook BFF’s obviously.

      1. Yep! I was going to keep him a stud until he got loose at a horse show once… He’s not nice enough to want more of him, so I decided to protect myself from getting sued I should cut him. I regret it. It made him really spooky.
        He’s a C-line Holsteiner even though he’s registered as an Austrian Warmblood.
        You can see his breeding here: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/jamp+of+class

  7. My horse’s siblings are pretty easy to stalk. There are a bunch that share the same sire as my guy and a decent amount that are out of his same dam as well. Most are pretty successful show horses in the Buckskin world, but Dexter and one other non buckskin sister in particular, were started really late and neither has accomplished much. It helps that the breeding farm is only 3 hours from me and I’ve remained friends with one of the owners.

  8. Libby has a LOT of half siblings. Its super easy to find relatives through her sire, since it seems like there was a huge boom of breedings to Escapade for whatever reason.

    Her dam has quite a few on the ground as well though. I showed you her half sibling by Riverman I think. And I know she has quite a few in the hunters, just have to do more digging 🙂

  9. Such cute (and flippin fancy!) babies! I love creeping on Henry’s relatives. They are usually quite distant, as his sire passed away quite young and didn’t breed much, but it’s still cool!