Weekend Wrap Up: Good Bad Ugly

This weekend was a mixed bag of emotions. There were 2 exams done. One okay and one was a total downer. I am happy to say that for now it appears that Annie is fine. The vet will be coming back out to evaluate her under tack but it seems as though this is a training issue not lameness.

Unfortunately this means that the PPE that I had done on an adorable BWP filly this weekend did not go so swimmingly.

fractured sesamoid anyone?

I went to Aiken fully anticipating to be bringing home a new jumper prospect. I found something bred well, that moved well, and free jumped beautifully as well. I thought that I was going to a well respected breeder and that I would be treated as such but much to my disappointment that was not the case. I have never been so insulted by the seller of a horse. I will post about this in more detail but there is a new breeder on the top of my toxic waste list…

On the bright side because I drove through Atlanta on this adventure I was able to make last minute dinner plans with Lauren and Eric. Blogger friendships for the win. I can’t wait to meet up with Lauren and Gus next season at horse shows and hopefully more clinics! Annie got a flat ride from a barn pal on Saturday and I love getting reports that while green she was good and willing. Feels pretty good to have a (mostly) solid citizen baby horse. 2 days gone and Annie’s stupid scratches reared it’s ugly head again. Thankfully the horses just switched from night turnout so hopefully now that she wont be standing in the morning dew we will be able to nip this in the bud. Last but not least Annie and I had our final cross country school before Feather Creek. She was a BEAST. I still want to play around with our tack set up as I am not the happiest with what we are currently going around in. I cannot wait to get there but have to say I am pretty bummed that Amanda and Henny won’t be able to come anymore. I do get the next best thing as Bobby is still going to be there which means trunk tent city is still on and there will surely still be fun cross country walks! Steph how far is Feather Creek from you??

Did you all have exciting weekends?


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  1. Weird injury for a WB filly who I presume hasn’t worked yet even??? Dodged a bullet, ppe ftw even if it was crummy news. Glad Annie is back to beast mode!

  2. I’m glad that Annie got the all clear on soundness. Sorry to hear about the asshole breeder.

    Feather Creek is a nice facility. I went there once as a spectator/helper for one of my friends that was showing. The only thing I don’t like about feather creek: the red dirt. Red dirt in my shoes, on my clothes and all over me. That stuff did not like to come off.

    Sadly Feather Creek is 5 1/2 to 6 hours away from me, so a little too close to come spectate. I wish you all of the best though and I can’t wait to see the updates!

  3. Glad Annie’s not dealing with physical issues, sorry it’s training/attitude, that’s not fun either.
    For scratches: try the No Thrush powder I reviewed on my blog. My friend used it on her horse’s really bad scratches (just rub/scratch it in with the tips of your finger/nails) and noticed a huge difference in just one application. It’s dry, so it really grabs the moisture.

  4. Glad Annie’s issue isn’t lameness and is more training-related, which makes sense since she’s still so young. Maybe she’s feeling a bit overwhelmed?

    Very ambitious to be looking into purchasing another baby horse, sorry things didn’t go well with the PPE. Good luck!

  5. I’m glad the bad relates to a horse that isn’t yours and that Annie is doing fine physically! Bummer that you don’t have a new pony, but the right one is out there somewhere.