Weekend Wrap Up: Pony Swap and Waterlogging

Boarding at a pretty small semi private facility limits my access to other rides a bit but that didn’t stop a bunch of us from doing a swap! I am really pleased that Annie has turned into such a solid citizen this past year! I ended up finally getting to ride the resident drool-worthy 5yo Berlin stallion and Annie actually ended up with 2 different riders on Friday night. It is pretty funny to me how you can know a horse and imagine how he will feel and then ride said horse and it is so much different than you expected (even better!). I hope to scam my way into more rides on the handsome devil! While I was waiting on Annie to dry so that I could clip her baby Luna had to get a bath… Let’s just add “tolerates bathing” to the list of things that I take for granted… I am not sure when she will forgive me for this despicable experience – just kidding. Patience went a long way and after she got used to the sound of the hose the she was standing like a little pro. I need to try to bathe her or at least hose her off as much as possible before it gets too cold as it will be much harder to wrangle her as she gets bigger. Lots of treats will be required to get rid of that side eye! Any tips besides the obvious to get her to be more enthusiastic about bath time?Did you all have any big plans this past weekend?

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  1. haha! Yay for new rides. I had great rides on our horses. My baby acted like he had never been bathed come the second bathing season. I got many funny looks from him after I made him look like a drowned rat. It was pretty comical. Do it enough and make sure it is never not fun and she will be great with it. Add in lots of treats and you both will win!

  2. Our filly hated baths for a while too, but eventually she learned they were just part of life. My only suggestion is just to keep doing it like you said, and try to make the experience as pleasant as possible with treats and scratches and if you have hot water maybe keeping the baths at least lukewarm.

  3. Oh my gosh yes, bathe as much as possible now. I put off teaching my baby how to bathe WAYYYY too long and then she was an enormous demon about it (totally my fault haha).

  4. Definitely bathe as much as possible while she’s young. Copper likes me to turn the hose down low and let him drink out of it. 😉 I’d also find her itchy spots and make a special production of scratching them while hosing. Equate it with the good scratches. 😉