1 Month of Luna

img_3386One month ago today I was driving back home from OH with one very special baby horse in the trailer. When I found Luna totally by chance due to my excessive internet stalking of awesome stallions I figured there was no way that she would end up mine. I was literally just putting “stallion name filly” or “stallion name offspring” into facebook search because my other searches had not proven successful.img_0283.jpg

In the past month we have accomplished quite a lot! She is growing like a weed it seems. She has also had her feet trimmed, gotten a bath, had a halter path trimmed, and learned how to cross tie. img_0223.jpgI can’t wait for what the next few years will be like with this little one. I am really hoping that I will be able to pony her off of Annie but as I have never really done that I need to figure out how to try to do it in a way that Annie won’t try to kill Luna… img_0292.jpgFor the most part Luna just hangs out with the other weanling and her ponies though and gets to graze her heart out. Just what a baby horse should be doing!

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  1. Agreed! Baby horses are best when turned out to eat all the grass. 🙂 She’s so precious! I’m glad we’re able to watch her grow up through your blog.

  2. She is so adorable! Sometimes I miss the baby stage with my two. I never ponied either of them… Apollo was too grumpy with them. But I hope Annie is a good ponier! 🙂

  3. I never had a horse to pony Riva off of – ground driving was the best thing I did with her as a 2/3 yr old before starting under saddle.

  4. Aww the baby is so cute! My first memory of ever seeing Stampede is of him being ponied as a 2 year old and he was already much taller than the nice QH who was next to him.
    I’ve ponied my horses off of each other several times although mostly in the winter indoors when they need to move around due to snow/ice outside and they’ve always been pretty cooperative. I’m sure after a couple times practicing ponying in an enclosed space and with a helper so you can all get used to it the girls will be ready to go on adventures with you.