2016 Q3 Goal Review

Goal setting is an interesting game. I feel like overall my year has been a great one but when stacked up against my initial goals I am not sure that is the case.

Same as last goal review the things that we have succeeded at or at least worked on are bolded. Those things that we failed at or been unable to attempt are striked out

Hopefully next year I will be more on top of my goals and keeping track of progress in a timely manner.

img_3106 Me:

  • Riding
    • Take lessons 2x a week ideally (at least 1x/week or 4x/month)
    • Learn how to do hunter braids
    • Jump around 3’6 course confidently
    • Show over 3′ (if a lease is available) Moved up to novice so that counts for something!
    • Quieter seat and upper body
    • Be more positive about progress
    • HAVE FUN!
  • Personal
    • Workout 2x a week (outside of the saddle) 100% fail
    • Eat out less /do better at meal planning  total fail – starting Nutrisystem 😐
    • Lose 20lbs throughout the year (weekly weigh ins – #goalbreeches) Ground zero here…
    • Read at least 1 book a month Do audiobooks count?
  • New Goals
    • Camp at remaining events – I did this but need to get a better sleeping bag for cold weather
    • Record XC walks in CourseWalk – when the app didn’t crash I did


  • Improve her leg yields/ shoulder fore
  • Smoother transitions
  • Practice controlled lead changes
  • Jump 2′ courses
  • Go to at least 2 schooling shows
  • Go trail riding off property at least 1x
  • Self load/unload on trailer
  • Tie to trailer
  • Improve Ground Manners
    • Increase patience with farrier
    • Crosstie trustworthiness
  • Keep things fun!
  • New Goals
    • Score below a 40 on a dressage test – this will definitely be a carry over for next year
    • Continue to run double clear at remaining events (3 or so this year)
    • Ride in dressage saddle 1x a week to hopefully start showing in it by end of year

img_0602.jpgAnnie has made more progress than I can put into words this year. I will try to get on the bandwagon for the TRM then and now blog hop. She is still my baby ginger but I have come to realize that she is really maturing into a nice horse. I do not have any concerns when taking her to a new place and within reason know that she has a solid head on her. She might be fiery and have opinions but she is definitely the best I could have hoped for when buying a horse pretty much unseen over the internet/ phone. We will finish out the year with relaxing rides and into the new year we will start back in lessons as I figure out what our goals will be.

How have things been going for all of you? Making progress against goals?

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  1. I see a lot of accomplishments bolded on that list! Nice work! It looks like you’ve done nearly everything with Annie that you set out to do. I’m with you on the personal goals. I figure at this point, no sense starting now. I don’t want to go without on Thanksgiving. That’s just not realistic.
    As for me, my entire year horse wise was an epic fail. I showed exactly zero times. My baby horse and I still haven’t jumped a single course together, and my thoroughbred won’t even pick up the trot for me currently. So I guess my goals going forward will have a pretty low standard… Oye. Horses. AmIright?

  2. lol i had to read this twice bc i got confused – my method is exactly the opposite, i strike out stuff i’ve completed and bold the stuff that’s still left to do… oops

    seriously tho it seems like it’s been a great year with lots of fun times still ahead of you!! one of these days i’ll get around to making goals again…

  3. Lots of great progress! Well done 🙂 I am not doing so great on the weightloss/fitness side of things myself at the moment hahah, the struggle is real.