Bareback Bravery

In the spirit of no stirrup November I thought it would be a great idea to hop on Annie bareback last night after not riding in over a week or since she was clipped. One of my barn mates commented that she can’t believe how far I have come with this little mare since last year. She noted that I never would have tried to hop on her bareback last year let alone WTC and jump that way! I have to say that I definitely got lucky with this little red head. She is super scopey/brave, generally level headed (except when it comes to dressage), and she is very tolerant to my ammie ways.As Annie was already naked so to speak I decided to try to get a conformation shot of her. I am contemplating something stupid/ awesome for next year by entering a contest to win a breeding to one of a few Iron Spring Farm stallions and in seeking out advice from trusted subject matter experts I needed to come armed with pictures.Last but not least baby Luna got her first introduction to loose crossties. In an attempt to make her a solid citizen before she is a mammoth I am trying to introduce her to as much as I can as early as I can.

This time last year I never would have thought that I would have another baby horse or that Annie would be this far along and such a fun partner to have!


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  1. I got on my horse bareback last week, after not riding him bareback in two years and him not having been ridden at all for a few weeks. I just walked, but no one died. Glad to hear Annie is being such a rockstar!