Equestrian Christmas Presents

I think that anyone that knows or loves an equestrian has issue each year deciding what to get them for gifts. Unless you are okay with asking that person for a list. Below is a list of fun stores that have great gifts for all budgets! There are many many more but these are a few of my top faves when gift shopping for a riding buddy.

First up are Mango Bay T Shirts. I have a couple of these shirts that I picked up at Rolex and I LOVE them. As a warning they do run small so keep that in mind when ordering.

Next up are the ever popular If The Bonnet Fits custom bonnets. Admit it. You want one for yourself and a friend! Mercerized wool and custom options are where it’s at.
C4 Belts – easy to clean, easy to size, and they support good causes! Kastel Sunshirts – super comfortable and you can get good deals on eBay!

After that you could go small or big with varying options from Teddy’s Tack Trunk. Who doesn’t love quality grooming products!

Next up is a water bottle. Now I know that this sounds really lame but I LOVE my HydroFlasks. My water can literally stay cold and ice not melted for days. It’s perfect for horse shows and I take mine with me all over now!

In case you like to give cute apparel you will find what you need between Hunt Club and Equestrian Prep.

Last but not least is one of my favorite options. A custom ornament from Hamer & Clay is a sentiment that most will appreciate. She also offers not as holiday themed options like magnets for those that don’t celebrate or just want something cute for daily decoration.

Happy shopping! I am trying to knock out as much of my Christmas shopping as possible while all of the sales are going on! How about you guys? What are your go to gifts?

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  1. I recognize that hamer and clay ornament.

    My mom always asks for a list or straight up gives me money. I’m always happy with those lol I actually am 98% done shopping today yay!