States, Miles, and Hours

When I look back on this year it is pretty incredible to quantify the adventures that Annie and I have been on. I made this infographic to show our adventures.

statesvisitedWe have been to 8 different states, driven a total of 7.5K miles, and travelled approximately 125 hours. At the start of the year we went on a fun field trip to the world equestrian center. After that I went to Lexington for Rolex and opted to bring Annie with rather than leave her at home.img_8789.jpeg

A couple weekends later our bags were packed again to head south to Savannah. This was an amazing trip and actually knocked off 3 of the states this year! IMG_0596After that almost all of our states visited were due to a horse show or clinic. I was able to get to 5 horse trials this year. We were not able to complete our first due to greenness but I would say that an 80% completion rate is pretty good for a baby horses first year showing! If we include our trip to Tryon then it is actually more like 83% to get technical!

LCP_4456I went into this year with really low expectations for Annie. I was just hoping to get her out and about but we are finishing the year farther along than I ever could have hoped for. I can’t wait for even more adventures next year with the pretty red head mare!

What kinds of adventures have you all been on this year with your horses?

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  1. She is so lovely! We did a ton of traveling for shows, but my most memorable trip not horse show related was probably when we took the horses swimming in the James River. So much fun

  2. man i feel like we travel a TON – with isabel we would often be out and about 2-3x per week at the height of the season. but our distances are just so much shorter, we have so many more options near at hand, that despite feeling like we’re constantly in and out of the trailer, we covered about the same distance as you did this year, but it took as twice as long haha!

  3. Yay adventures! Do you still have the same truck/trailer set up that you started off with? Or have you switched things around now that you’re traveling more?

    Very few adventures for us this year, not even local ones. My horse have been on the trailer twice since April.