TRM Blog Hop: Then and Now

I purchased Annie in July of last year. She was a gangly barely 3 year old (May bday) but I had a good feeling about her. I am really glad that I brought her home because she has made eventing fun for me again! IMG_5395.PNGThe difference in her muscling from Jul-15 to Feb-16 wasn’t that extreme IMO. Excuse her derp pose. img_9102.jpgWhen you look at Feb-16 compared to Nov-16 though I think there is a pretty big difference in how she has filled out and developed. In just over a year we have gone from very very green broke to a horse that is a lean mean eventing/ jumper machine. I never expected to be doing this much with Annie this year but here we are! jaeckle-2-9We started out in the 2′ hunter ring and finished the year by running Novice at our last horse trial.img_0668I know that we have a lot to work and improve on but overall Annie is much more than I ever hoped for. She might be opinionated at times but she is mine and I am very grateful for that!

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  1. That neck in the November photo tho 😍 she’s come a long way! And she’s still so young, I can’t wait to see her in a few more years compared to now!