2016 In Review

This year has been a real adventure! I will try to keep my recap short and the media plentiful!


Annie and I started to lesson more regularly in January and even popped over baby jumps. I got to meet Katherine’s new boy Siggy. January was also the month that I started to plan my first return to the show ring.img_8206.jpeg img_8544.jpeg img_8655.jpeg


I planned to show 2 weeks at Wilmington and week 1 really put a wrench in those plans. On the bright side this meant that Annie was able to venture to Wilmington to see the sights. Tracy and Sam came to visit as well! Love blogger meet ups! Later in the month Annie totally stole the show and really knocked it out of the park at her first show.



At the beginning of March I found out that Houston was coming back to me. This month Annie also got her first taste of trail riding and we got to go to our second schooling show once again proving to me that she seriously is good about all adventures!

img_9669.jpgimg_9495.jpg img_9323.jpg


April brought more of the same. We went on more trail rides, did more schooling shows, and best of all made a trip to KY for Rolex. I also committed to the dark side and ended up with a dressage saddle again…

img_0176.jpg img_0241.jpg img_0255-1.jpgimg_0316.jpgMay:

This month was probably one of the more epic adventure months. I finally got to meet Beka (part 1 and 2), crossed off the bucket list item of riding on the beach, and due to Rolex weekend inspired FOMO Annie and I attempted our first horse trial.

IMG_0596img_0017© Xpress Foto 920-619-8765 img_0218


This month was also pretty huge. Annie and I went to River Glen. Kyle and I added the cutest little bear cub to the pack and last but certainly not least I was able to meet Henry and Quinny… Meeting Amanda and Karen was alright too ;). I also learned that Austin is literally hotter than hell and I pretty much never want to reside there.



The first week in July was spent at TIEC. Annie was a beast in the baby jumpers and then we had a blast and a half at Chatt Hills (day 1 and 2) the following weekend. The rest of the month was spent at home trail riding and soaking up all of the lessons.

screen shot 2016-07-07 at 11.38.24 pmimg_1341LCP_4430img_1447 img_1417 img_4246LCP_5162


This month ended up being the month of new things. My BO helped me build a jump, I went to my first inspection, attended the Elisa Wallace clinic (day 1 and 2) and met Lauren, and had a blast using my truck tent for the first time at River Glen (day 1 and 2).

img_2416 img_2347 Eliza Wallace Clinic-57 Eliza Wallace Clinic-6 IMG_1864 2


This was a nice and low key month for me. No shows, minimal travel, and the start of my new job. Huey did find a new home though and ended up moving to AL to teach a mom and 2 daughters all about dressaging! img_2469 img_2554


Our last voyage of the year was no small feat and found us in OK at Feather Creek with Bobby/Halo for our move up to Novice. On top of that Baby Luna joined the herd this month!

img_3232 img_3222 img_3297 img_0156.jpg


With no more shows on the docket for the year most of my rides were very low key. I also continued to battle scratches and thrush. I did still end up at a show though with the Young Horse Show finals. Go team HMS!

img_0510-1.jpg img_0488-1.jpg img_0434-1.jpg img_0357.jpg


This past month has been all about fun. Annie and I have been hacking out, jumping all the things, and most of all just enjoying life. I have been absorbing any and all material on sport horse breeding and the blogger meet up adventures continued though with L coming to visit me and Carey taking me to meet MoMo while I was in SD. For the first time in I don’t even know how long I will get to ring in the new year with my family. Happy happy new year!

img_1041.jpg img_1188.jpgimg_1350.jpg img_1303.jpg img_1388.jpg img_1501.jpg

Here’s to you 2016! Can’t wait to see what adventures 2017 has in store!

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