December 10 Questions

Once again courtesy of L at Viva Carlos we have this months 10 questions!

img_0614Does your horse need shoes? Annie definitely does. Her feet can’t hold up between stomping flies in the summer and arena work.

What do you think of the barefoot vs shoes debate? Debaters will debate. You ask 3 different horse people something and you will probably get 6 different opinions.

img_0287.jpgFavorite season for riding? I love to ride in the spring and fall. I like when it is just cool enough that I can wear long sleeves and maybe a vest comfortably but not so cold that my fingers feel like they will break off.

How many shows do you think you’ve gone to? Too many to count? This year alone I went to 8 or so. 5 of those being events. This was probably my heaviest show year ever – so much fun!

Do you consider yourself a good rider? I am not sure how to answer this. I think I am relatively competent in most situations.

How experienced do you think someone needs to be to own a horse? I don’t think there is a black and white answer for this. You either need to be experienced yourself or under the supervision of someone qualified to help you make the right decisions.

Have you ever gotten into a fight with your trainer? Over the years yes I know there have been discussions with various trainers. Most prominent in my mind is an instance where a trainer from the past wanted me to ace Houston at one of his first clinics. I was uncomfortable doing so and there was a bit of a scene that ensued.

Eliza Wallace Clinic-6Describe your dream horse? I love chrome so color wise anything with a lot of chrome will steal my heart. Honestly I have the best of both worlds right now. I have an incredibly athletic and kind mare that has taken me on more adventures in the short time that I have owned her than probably all of my horses combined. I also am fortunate to have purchased a really nice warmblood filly that I think will be able to help me accomplish my dreams in jumper land.

Does anyone in your family ride? Currently – no. In the past my mom and both of my sisters rode though. I think that my sisters will pick it back up when the timing is right for them.

If you could ride any horse in the world, which one would it be and why? This is a tough one. I honestly think that right now it would be Big Star. I am obviously pretty obsessed right now since he is Luna’s sire. Even just meeting him in person would be pretty incredible.

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