Off Brand Bargaining

Most of us know just how painfully expensive things get the minute it is branded for an equestrian purpose. Sure I adore my Asmar All Weather Coat – how could you not? But I don’t want to buy things at astronomical mark ups if there is a more affordable option out there.

Focusing on the “top” layers I will start with the base and move out to coats sharing my find and then the more expensive equestrian options 🙂

Long Sleeve Tops: These prices will vary a bit by style and ongoing sales – I am not a big long sleeve person so I normally just layer with a 1/4 zip. RidingWarehouse does have quite the collection of long sleeve shirts on sale right now though!

  • Non Equestrian
    • Old Navy Sport Tops | $10-$30
    • UnderArmour Tops | $35-$60
    • Target | $15-$25
    • Amazon and TJ Maxx are my favorite for finding good deals on base layers
  • Equestrian
    • FITS |$80
    • Ariat | $30-$80
    • Kastel | $70+

Vests: I have the Gerry Down vest and I love it. It is really warm without being too bulky.

Coats: Ski coats make amazing barn jackets. I try to keep a few different weight options because of our fluctuating weather!

What are some pedestrian brands or brands marketed for other outdoor sports that you like to use for the barn/ riding? It is pretty interesting to see just how much the prices go up and vary when the “equestrian” tag is applied.

Any mega deals that I am missing out on? This year was the first year that I have really added barn wear to my collection as I have been wearing the same coats for years until they finally died!

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  1. For my long-sleeved tops I just go with no-name athletic shirts or under armour. I can’t bring myself to pay absurd prices for equestrian clothing.

    However, for anything with a zipper (vests, jackets, etc) I go equestrian for a few reasons: They tend to have back flaps that allow for you to sit in the saddle better. They tend to have zippered pockets to keep my stuff in place. They tend to have two-way zippers in the front so I can avoid scratching the crap out of my saddle when riding. Etc. I can’t find these options in other athletic clothing because these options are equestrian-specific, so I don’t mind paying a bit more for clothing that is more comfortable in the saddle and avoids marking up my expensive leather 🙂

    1. I used to get my winter coats from Burlington Coat factory’s sales or outlets. They would be so cheap and for winter sports so double zippers and zipper pockets like the Equestrian brands have, even better they would have internal pockets for music players, phones, money etc safely secured because you need places like that for your stuff if you are skiing and snowboarding. Still cheaper than Equestrian Brands.

  2. yep i think this is definitely the right way to go for winter gear especially. any gear, sure, but especially when you need layers that get the job done without breaking the bank haha. i like to go to stores like L mentioned, and like Marshalls and TJ Maxx and the ilk to get discounted sportswear (running and yoga gear in particular have been great for winter; tennis and golf gear great for summer).

  3. I love pretty much everything from LL Bean, and with a lifetime (literally) guarantee, they stand behind their stuff 110%. LL Bean also sells Under Armour, and includes UA in their site-wide 20% off sales that happen from time to time.

  4. I definitely have Under Armour and Columbia as part of my riding wardrobe. And lots of plaid shirts from wherever, basically.

  5. I like to go to Target for my long sleeved shirts — sometimes when they are on sale you can get them for $6 or $10 each. They aren’t tech fabric, but they certainly keep me warm and who cares if I have to wash them a bunch.

    My mum scored me a Patagonia vest that I freaking adore — keeps my core nice and warm while I’m riding. But my previous Target sales section vest did the job beautifully as well AND is bright purple and orange to boot.

    I struggle with places like TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Ross because there is so much filtering you have to do that I get really frustrated and overwhelmed. I basically need a personal shopper to help me because I get frustrated and overwhelmed at ALL stores, actually. Except grocery stores. Because I love food.

  6. I was going to say Old Navy vests too. I love how warm and relatively inexpensive they are. I also don’t feel so bad when it gets used as a horsey napkin either.

    Great post idea. Loved reading other comments for good equestrian bargains.

  7. I really like Reebok clothing for winter gear. It’s very similar to the Under Armour stuff, but quite a bit less expensive. Dick’s Sporting goods often has sales on it too.

    That said I do love UA stuff as well and I do have some of it, but for a more budget friendly option, I do really like Reebok.

  8. I like to wait for big sales at our local feed store and then cruise the clearance racks. Same with equine gear–can’t bring myself to pay full price. I’m set on equestrian clothes for now, but these are great ideas for next time I have to shop.

  9. I am the cheapest of cheap and hunt down most of my clothing from thrift stores. Sometimes I can splurge and get something new, but most of the time, gently worn thrift clothes do the trick. Then I can get Under Armour and North Face for even less!

  10. I love UnderArmour and Patagonia for base layer type things, but my favorite jackets are Land’s End! I feel like my mom saying that, but I have some that are 10 years old and going strong. Their primaloft are basically the same as the Patagonia ones and they’re so warm but lightweight. I love them for hiking, barn, all kinds of outdoor things.
    My barn owner rides in her Barbour, which I totally get is the point and design of Barbours, but I can’t bring myself to do it!

  11. I wear a lot of icebreaker and love it. It’s not really cheaper than equestrian gear, but nothing beats wool for warmth with sweat wicking abilities.

  12. Land’s End jackets are pretty durable and oftentimes you can score 40-50% off if you get their emails. I am particularly fond of the Squall line of jackets. I am also a serious lover of Old Navy, Target, TJMaxx & Khol’s for inexpensive barn/riding clothes. But in the interest of full disclosure, I’m also fond of well-made everything…in which case I highly recommend Nordstrom Rack;)