Rider Review: Lund 3 Point Breastplate

lundlogoI think by this point most bloggers or blog readers are familiar with the new guy on the block tack wise. Lund Saddlery has been gaining awareness with their awesome giveaways and quality affordable tack. The Lund 3 point breastplate is no different.


Price: $175 CDN (approx. $130 USD depending on conversion rates)

Review: I normally don’t like hunt/3pt style breastplates but this breastplate made strides to change that. As with all of the other Lund products I have seen the materials are the same. The long lasting sedgwick leather, thick navy elastic, and stainless steel hardware make this traditional piece of tack a convenient staple for daily use. The snaps at each point are much appreciated and the fact that all of their breastplates include a running attachment and dee savers is a big plus. Those points alone sell it but when you add in the fancy stitching and soft Italian leather padding this breastplate is the clear winner.

The only other navy breastplates that I have been able to find with navy elastic are the Antares elastic breastplate ($270) and the SmartPak Harwich elastic breastplate ($100 – currently on sale) which actually doesn’t have a wither pad so you don’t even get the nice oh sh*t strap benefit of a breastplate with that model. In my experience with all three brands of tack the Lund is a much better value for your money than the Antares and the quality is well above the Smartpak line.

For size comparisons and another opinion a fellow boarder actually used the breastplate for a few weeks and was also impressed. Annie is a cob in most pieces of tack but she is more refined than a lot of cobs that I know. I wanted to see how the breastplate would suit a thicker breed so enter Quincy the paint. This breastplate fit both horses very well!dscf7571

Bottom Line: If you have been looking for a nice breastplate and don’t like the style of a 5pt or bridge breastplate this is the one for you. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this brand for those in the market.

Make sure to enter this months drawing for a chance to win a breastplate of your own!

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  1. I personally prefer the 3-point to the 5-point style (esp because I don’t event), and this breastplate looks really sharp, but you know how I feel about Lund. I’m glad you like yours though, you can’t ever go wrong with navy. Since the similar SP breastplate is at a killer price right now, I’m planning to pick that up instead.