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Last year when I introduced Annie I shared a little bit about her bloodlines. Now that Emma has started a pseudo blog hop of TB bloodline digging I finally sat down and searched for more information.

Annie is by a pretty unknown Pulpit son named Rock Pulpit who was out of a Storm Cat mare. Rock Pulpit had little to no success on the track or in the breeding shed – lucky for me I guess because Annie. Annie’s dam was by Devil’s Bag and out of a mare by Sharpen Up.

A.P. Indy

I looked vaguely into the bigger names when I was looking for horses. It isn’t surprising that Annie can be sensitive with the Storm Cat on the top and Halo on the bottom.


To dig deeper I am going to start with Annie’s top line breeding and then move onto her dam lines.

Storm Cat

Top Line: Rock Pulpit x Storm Cat

As mentioned Rock Pulpit didn’t do much and didn’t have many offspring that have gone on to do anything that I can see. There are a ton of A.P. Indy lined horses that have gone into sport horse careers though which brings me to my first closer up find which is a localish gelding that is by Pulpit – The Bright Side (no idea if this is his JC name). He is actually for sale and is a total rock star (though admittedly on the smaller side).

Hail To Reason

Bottom Line: Devil’s Bag x Sharpen Up

Annie’s dam line includes famous names line Hail to Reason and the less known Sharpen Up. Hail to reason sired the great Halo who is the sire of Annie’s dam sire – Devil’s Bag. It looks like according to HorseTelex Halo did sire a jumper stallion that competed to 1.45m.


It is kind of crazy how small the while also huge the thoroughbred world is. Years ago a gelding that we owned was by a son of Devil’s Bag. He was a very athletic horse though a bit too quirky for my at the time timid and inexperienced self.

Devil’s Bag


Moving onto Annie’s damsire you find Sharpen Up. I didn’t find a lot about him but I did think that it was interesting that a son of Sharpen Up is an approved BWP and SF stallion.

In summary unfortunately there wasn’t a lot to be found on Annie’s sire and her dam never raced for me to be able to find pictures. I have really enjoyed reading about the breeding of all of the blog land TBs and I hope that others with join in and share! 🙂


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  1. A.P. Indy is all beefcake.

    Does it bother anyone else when confo shots are on grass, so you can’t see the fact that these TBs probably all have no heel?

  2. So I’m gonna be real real here – it’s probably no surprise but sometimes I like to do a little bit of Internet creepstering haha. So yea I’ve totally looked Annie up before!! Lots of interesting stuff going on in her pedigree, and I was kinda surprised by some of the similarities in her and Charlie’s lines! Kinda in different places I guess but it’s cool all the same! Thanks for adding in!!

  3. Hey, I’ve got a Hail to Reason (no Halo though) grand baby too. Or Great grand baby maybe. Val is pretty quirky too so maybe that’s where it comes from.