Thanks Grandpa

IMG_5245.JPGOne year ago on Friday the world lost a great man. The holidays are always a little difficult for me as I always find myself thinking about times past where my own dad was around. More recently though I think about the past few years of wonderful memories with my grand father since my family moved out to the west coast.

I have countless letters (yes – old school snail mail) from my grandfather that without fail either started or ended with him asking if I was still riding “those” horses and a line or two about the horses that he grew up with on his family’s farm. I think that as with the rest of my family he always assumed that I would grow out of horses. Sorry Grandpa!

I am not sure that he would have been so generous had he known my plans but my grandfather wrote me a letter and a check for our wedding. A week later that money was being handed over at Ellis Park in exchange for a gangly red headed mare. I will never forget talking to my grandfather on the phone a few months later when he told me that he supposed I used his gift to purchase this new horse of mine. He liked to give me a hard time but kindly said to be careful with a smile in his voice before we transitioned to a different topic.

At the time I had no idea how special Annie would be but I will always be grateful for my grandfathers part (even if unknowingly) in bringing her into my life!

Have any of your family members helped you (maybe without knowing) get your current horse?

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  1. I love this story! My grandmother is where the majority of my horse gene comes from. She would always tell me when I was little to keep asking for a horse and that I would eventually get one. I do not doubt that she encouraged my parents when they started looking for farms so we could get horses. She always gets all my crazy horse things when others in my family get glassy eyes.
    I also would not have my mare if it were not for my Aunt. She helped me convince my dad to ‘allow’ me to get her. She still talks about how she thinks Cheetah is perfect for me and that we look good together lol. She is not a ‘horse person,’ but is clearly intuitive! 😉

  2. This is so sweet. Dad bought me Robin when she was 8 months old and I was 12. He also bought me Paige, though in the most unfortunate way with life insurance money after he passed. She was easily my best decision (and most frivolous if I’m being honest) with that money.

  3. that’s a great story. it adds a little something extra special to know that the support of our loved ones contributed to the pursuit of our happiness in this sport. i have a similar (tho slightly different) story to how the purchases of my truck and first trailer were made possible, and it always makes me happy to think about it.

  4. Such a sweet story.

    I’m the only horse person in my family, so I’m not sure where I came from! My grandma rode a little in Central Park when she was in nursing school but thats it.

    I guess in an indirect way my parents and grandparents helped me get my horses. They paid for my college education, and helped me through my PhD when I need to borrow money for books or fees. That got me my job, which allowed me to have my horses. 🙂