Weekend Wrap Up: Soak It Up

Today Kyle and I are Cali bound! This weekend I was able to get in my last ride of 2016. As always Annie did not disappoint. I am constantly amazed by how willing she is and just how hard she always tries for me over fences. No matter how badly I ride she takes the wheel and carts my butt around. Not all people can say that about their young horses. I am so lucky to have such a talented and kind mare as my own. Luna got some QT of a different variety with lots of scratches and some treats. I can’t wait to see my family but I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss my girls. 

Saturday I was able to wear short sleeves and Sunday I was freezing my butt off. TN weather has some mood swings and I am excited for a 2 week reprieve!

Luna’s face says it all though – winter get outta here! Cali here we come!Do any of you guys have holiday travel plans?

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  1. Your mares are both adorable, it’s kind of crazy. Cali would be amazing right now, I hope you have a very warm and sunny holiday!