2016 Blogger Secret Santa and More


Tracy over at Fly On Over once again hosted the blogger gift exchange and this year was just as awesome as last years! I had a lot of fun picking stuff for Smitty and Britt (thanks RW for your awesome sale which allowed me to get Smitty more stuff).

When Kyle and I got home last night the first thing that I opened up was a package from Nicole (Equinpilot).  I never know what to say for the tips we are supposed to provide Tracy but Nicole still nailed it.img_1595.jpg You can never have too many treats or tack sponges. I have never tried clicker training but since one was included in my gift I will definitely have to try it out. On top of all the treats, sponges, and brush I also found an awesome cross stitch photo. img_1592.jpg

I don’t know if you stitched that yourself Nicole but thank you so much. I think I might take it to work for my desk!

I received quite a few other horse related Christmas gifts this year that I love including but not limited to… (this is being written at midnight after a long day of travel)

  • Custom name tags from my barn owner
  • Custom name plates from a barn buddy for my bridle and halter
  • Paper Woodland sketch of Annie from Beka
  • Sleek EZ from L
  • Trailer Eyes from my in-laws
  • GC to Boy O Boy (can’t wait to order a belt!) from Amanda
  • SoloShot 3 (preordered) from my parents!

What kind of horse related gifts did you all get this year?

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  1. Horse related gifts are my favorite! I got some silver DSBs and a new teal fly bonnet that made me very happy 😀

    I’ve been thinking about investing in a Trailer Eyes, I hope you’ll post about it after you’ve had a chance to try it out!

  2. I have used a clicker with both dogs, Reef did really, really well with it. It’s just a quick way to mark the correct behavior. I haven’t tried it with Cosmo, but I have though about it.

    You got some sweet stuff! I have a Boy O Boy belt on my wishlist for this year.

  3. That cross stitch picture is really neat.
    I got some excellent horsey socks this Christmas, but didn’t need anything else. I’d better let my family know that I now want a new jump saddle in time for my birthday 😛

  4. My colt picked up the clicker training pretty quickly so hope your girls do to. And yes I stitched the picture after my sister produced the template. That caused the delay.